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The funniest images of the Awkward Family Photos exhibition


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The California Heritage Museum in Santa Monica has begun hosting a new exhibition as of March 28, 2014, in collaboration with the Awkward Family Photos website, showing off the funniest and weirdest family photos.

There is no doubt that ever since family photos have become very popular in the United States a lot of the photos have turned out pretty awful for the subjects.

Viewers will be intrigued, will laugh, or will simple cringe at what is in front of them. Nevertheless, there is so much great content that Mike Bender and Doug Chernack have created a special website just for these kinds of shots.

Awkward Family Photos is a popular website where internet users can find exactly what the name is suggesting. As a matter of act, the website is so great that it has signed a partnership with the California Heritage Museum for a special exhibition that opened on March 28.

“Awkward Family Photos” exhibition is all about “celebrating the family experience”

The whole family is reuniting at least once a year. Most people go through this and a photographer is usually involved in this activity to immortalize the moment.

Whether it is the photographer’s fault or the family comes up with an idea, there are lots of weird family photos out there and it is very unlikely that new material is not going to show up.

According to Mike and Doug, the exhibition as well as the website are there to celebrate the “family experience” which provides so many “awkward moments” that come in the same package with “family membership”.

You can too be a part of the exhibition, so bring your family and act weird

The Awkward Family Photos exhibition will last until July 27 at the Santa Monica-based museum. Among the photos, visitors will be able to have a laugh at weird poses and facial expressions, uninspired fashion choices, and unfortunate accidents.

There are 10 themes available for the viewers, such as Birthdays, Dad, Family Pet, Family Portrait, Grandparents, Holidays, Kids, Mom, Siblings, and Vacation.

If you want to be a part of the exhibition, then you will have the possibility of having your picture taken and then displayed at the museum until July 27. All you have to do is to act weird and you will surely make the cut.

Learn more about the exhibition at the official website of the California Heritage Museum, where you can also check out more awkward family photos for your delight.

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