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Before and after satellite photos of the Oklahoma tornado released by Google


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Google has released several before and after satellite photos of Oklahoma City and the neighboring areas, showing the damage done by the powerful tornado which struck the region on May 20.

Tornadoes occur on a regular basis in the United States. They are one of the most destructive forces of nature and they have taken numerous lives throughout the years. Unfortunately, a huge one has struck the cities of Moore and Newcastle, Oklahoma, as well as Oklahoma City earlier this week.

Tornado hit Oklahoma on May 20, killing 24 people

The Oklahoma tornado has hit the cities on May 20, causing extensive damage and taking 24 lives, according to police reports. The damage can also be seen in photos captured by photographers, but its extent can only be noticed from space, therefore Google has decided to reveal several satellite images, depicting the destruction.

As usual, Google sets up crisis maps whenever a disaster happens. Beside Red Cross and Salvation Army donation links, the search giant is allowing internet users to check the map before the Oklahoma tornado hit and after it took its toll.

Additionally, the map is showing a damage scale, pinpointing the areas where the tornado has really hit its stride. The more severe damages are shown in red points, in agreement with satellite imagery.

Oklahoma tornado classified as an EF-5 tornado

According to the latest information, the recent Oklahoma whirlwind has been classified as an EF-5 tornado, meaning that it is the most destructive on the Enhanced Fujita scale, reaching winds faster than 200 mph.

As stated above, the EF-5 Oklahoma tornado has hit Oklahoma City and its residential neighborhoods, killing 24 people. Reports say that the fatalities include 10 children, most of them killed as the storm devastated an elementary school. Nevertheless, the injury list goes far beyond this amount.

Two billion dollars in damages with 13,000 homes destroyed

Authorities say that the vortex has covered an area of 17 miles in the 40 minutes it has spent on the land. Preliminary reports have revealed that about 13,000 homes have been struck by the tornado, taking the total amount of damages to $2 billion.

The people are still recovering from the trauma. They will have to turn to their families or shelters before their houses can be rebuilt. Meanwhile, United States President, Barack Obama, has announced that he will inspect the damages on Sunday.

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