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The Best Ways To Get Better At Photography


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To me, the best way to get better at photography is to practice.  Sometimes though, especially if you are photographing your own kids or things you love, it’s easy to have blinders on when analyzing your own work.

I think back to when I first started in photography — I thought I rocked.  I had an SLR and a prime lens.  I could get background blur, and usually I even followed the rule of thirds.  So… the photos must be amazing. Well, they weren’t.  And looking back now, I wondered how people rarely told me that my photos needed improvement.

But, there’s more to photography than nailing your focus.  Everything has to come together from the focus and composition to capturing emotion, the lighting and the exposure.


Quick-Tip-4 The Best Ways To Get Better At Photography Photography Tips


The best way to judge your work is to get feedback from peers and mentors that you respect.  I’d say “get constructive criticism” but it’s not just that you get it, it’s who gives it to you. Make sure you ask photographers for opinions when you find their work inspirational.  Look for people who don’t just say “that’s great” or “that sucks”- but who give you tips, tricks and things you can practice to improve.

If you practice and work hard, some day you may have others asking you for critique… and it likely will be sooner than you think.

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