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BeSteady One camera stabilizer tackles MōVI with cheaper price


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MōVI, the amazing gimbal endorsed by Vincent Laforet, now has an important competitor in the body of BeSteady One, a camera stabilizer which will retail for less than $3,000.

Keeping videos steady is a hard task without expensive and professional equipment. Handheld gimbals are not new, but the world has been impressed by the level of steadiness of MōVI.

Vincent Laforet, the legendary director and photographer, has publicly endorsed the device and he has created multiple videos to demonstrate its capabilities.

Unfortunately, MoVI has one “technical” problem: it is very expensive. Freefly Systems, the stabilizer’s creator and seller, is asking about $15,000 for a unit and although it is considered cheap in the movie production world, it is still too expensive for most people.

besteady-one-camera-stabilizer BeSteady One camera stabilizer tackles MōVI with cheaper price News and Reviews

BeSteady One is a new handheld camera stabilizer. It allows users to keep their videos steady and it will compete with Vincent Laforet’s MoVI. However, its main advantage is its price, which stands just below $3,000.

BeSteady announces One, a cheap handheld gimbal stabilizer to compete against MōVI

This is where BeSteady comes along with the help of “One”, a camera stabilizer with integrated gyroscopes and accelerometers. The three-axis gimbal allows cinematographers to keep videos stable even when running or jumping, in order to add that professional look to everyday movies.

The creators of BeSteady One claim that the technology is ready and that the device is made out of select materials. No compromises have been made in the production and the camera stabilizer is prepared to be released.

BeSteady One camera stabilizer will be compatible with many DSLR cameras

According to the company, BeSteady One weighs 4.4 pounds and it comes in two configurations: handheld and multirotor. The former will cost $2,999, while the latter will retail for $2,499 because it will not have handheld module.

This amount is five times less than MoVI’s price. Another important factor is that One will work with DSLRs and other small cameras.

It appears that the camera stabilizer will support Sony Alpha, Canon 5D and 7D, Sony NEX, Panasonic GH, and the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema cameras.

Kickstarter project will go live soon to secure manufacturing funds

A video has also been uploaded on Vimeo to demo the technology. One’s steadiness might not reach MōVI levels, but the price difference is so high that BeSteady might have hit the jackpot.

According to the company, the project will hit Kickstarter soon. The goal is to raise the money for manufacturing, as everything else is ready. The layout will go live on the funding platform in the following days for users who want to pre-order it.

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