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Canon EOS 3D price will not go above $4,000


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The Canon DSLR with a big-megapixel image sensor rejoins the rumor mill, as reliable sources are claiming that the EOS 3D camera is coming sometime in 2015 for a price below $4,000.

Nikon does not really have a competitor for the D810, as Canon has opted against launching a professional big-megapixel shooter. However, one could argue that the 5D Mark III has not had a true rival before the launch of the D750 at Photokina 2014.

Either way, the D750 is here to take on the 5D Mark III and it seems like Canon is preparing a D810 rival. A lot of gossip talks have been spread in recent times, including the fact that the camera’s sensor will be made by Sony.

The latest rumor is concerning the Canon EOS 3D price, which is believed to not go above $4,000, when the DSLR becomes available sometime by the end of 2015.

canon-5d-mark-iii Canon EOS 3D price will not go above $4,000 Rumors

The big-megapixel Canon EOS 3D will be more expensive than the EOS 5D Mark III, but its price will not go above $4,000.

Canon EOS 3D price will definitely not go above $4,000, says trusted source

Many sources have reported that a high-megapixel DSLR will be released by Canon soon, but now a trusted source has managed to corroborate the story. Although it has previously been said that the device is coming in early 2015, the reliable source is claiming that the announcement date is not set in stone, yet, as the company still has some things to iron out.

When it does become available on the market, the camera will not be sold for an amount bigger than $4,000. It seems like the device is not an EOS-1-like DSLR, which means that this is the EOS 3D, which is getting its name from the fact that it will be placed between the 1D and 5D series.

Thanks to its market placement, the Canon EOS 3D price cannot be higher than $4,000 because it would step into the EOS 1D X territory. However, it cannot go below $3,000 either, as it would venture into EOS 5D Mark III’s space.

For the time being, Amazon is selling the Canon 5D Mark III for about $2,800 following a $300 post-purchase rebate, while the Canon 1D X is available for about $6,000 after an $800 rebate at the same retailer.

Sony could make the sensor for the Canon EOS 3D and it could have 46 megapixels

The specs of the DSLR are unknown for now. However, the source is claiming that it will employ an image sensor of about 50 megapixels. This is pretty close to what a different source is reporting, which means that the Canon EOS 3D could actually sport the 46-megapixel full frame sensor made by Sony.

Thankfully, more reliable information is expected to show up in the neighboring future, therefore you should stay tuned to Camyx to find out more!

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