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Bill Gekas’ daughter photos are recreations of old paintings


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Photographer Bill Gekas takes photos of his 5-year-old daughter, called Athena, in setups inspired by the paintings of Renaissance Italian, Dutch, and Flemish artists.

Being a photographer is not an easy task. It is fun, but a lot of hard work is involved, too. The same thing can be said about being a father. However, things get tougher when you are both a photographer and a father. What if you could combine the two “jobs”? Well, this is exactly what Bill Gekas has done, although a big contribution has been provided by probably the most important person in his life: Athena, his 5-year-old daughter.

Bill Gekas’ daughter photos consist of reimagined paintings of old Renaissance masters

Photographer Bill Gekas has been born in Melbourne, Australia. He is still living in this majestic city where he is currently “practicing the art of photography”.

One of his biggest projects also includes his daughter, named Athena, after the goddess of wisdom and useful arts in the Greek mythology. Athena is the model behind Bill’s photos which are made to look like the paintings of famous Renaissance artists.

The photographer says that he has always been a fan of master painters that have graced Earth a few centuries ago. They have significantly influenced his artistic approach through their paintings that are considered invaluable artworks.

Athena is posing as the subjects of the Italian, Dutch, and Flemish painters, but in a simple as well as much cuter way. Bill Gekas’ daughter photos remind us of old paintings and could make a lot of people show a little more appreciation to classic artists.

Photographer’s artistic vision has brought him numerous awards

The list of painters who have inspired Bill Gekas’ project includes popular artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Velazquez, and Raphael.

Classical portraits are reimagined as adorable ones, allowing the photographer to add a touch of his own imagination.

His vision is absolutely amazing, although he could not have done it without Athena, as stated above. The father-daughter relationship is strong in this family and the bond between the two have led to a huge accomplishment.

Gekas is an award-winning photographer whose works have been published in numerous important magazines all around the world. He is admired by many, but duly-deserves the attention and the praises.

Everything about this work, including a huge gallery, can be found at his official website, and readers can also learn more about him courtesy of his blog.

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