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Creative black and white portrait photos by Benoit Courti


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Photographer Benoit Courti captures ethereal black and white portrait photos of apparently meaningless everyday moments.

Life is beautiful, they say. Sometimes we do not believe that, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You have to look for it and you will find it. This is what Benoit Courti is doing with his portfolio of artistic black and white portrait photos.

Benoit Courti skilfully immortalizes everyday moments into ethereal black and white portrait photos

The photographer is taking amazing photos of the most simple things in life, but his vision reaches unthinkable heights. The images are almost surreal and words do them no good in describing the sheer splendor of these seemingly meaningless moments.

You cannot simply give a camera to someone and turn him into a photographer. This path represents so much more than this as it requires the kind of raw talent easily noticed in Benoit Courti’s photographs.

Formerly a music composer, now an amazing portrait photographer

Benoit Courti has coquetted with photography ever since he was just a child. However, he has had to go through being a music composer first before returning to the art of taking photos.

His creative side has eventually led him to the path of art and portrait photography, which are by no means easy tasks. The black and white images consist of a mesmerizing elegance that seems to be available anywhere, anytime.

Would you ever consider that a cat sitting in the snow is graceful? Or someone throwing some dices in the air could be regarded as sophisticated? Well, the tasteful vision of the photographer makes it so and you will always want to see one more, but then you realize that you are lost in time and hours have passed since taking just a peek at the first shot.

Vision brings the ideas, composition makes the great photos

The photographer teaches his audience an important lesson – when you do not find the charm, just look closer or create it just like he did with one of the subjects who is making a soap balloon or playing around with bird feathers.

Sometimes it takes more than that, but this is why Paris-based Benoit Courti is here: to inspire other lensmen and help them nurture their artistry.

More images can be seen at the photographer’s official website, where you can also support the author by buying a print.

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