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Blueprint – Subtle Edits for a BIG Impact


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Some photos take a lot of editing, while others just need a few quick clicks of the mouse.  Here is an edit that was done in about 30 seconds or less.

  • Started by cropping.
  • Then used “All in the Details” Tinted action.  Masked detail layer completely off skin.
  • Then used “All in the Details” Flashlight Photoshop action at the default opacity.
  • Then used “All in the Details” Dusty vignette action – changed the opacity to 45%.

That was what got me from the before to after – I love how it brought out details in the bricks and pulled out shine on the car.  Looking at it now, I might have preferred it more if I lighted the socket area around her eyes.  What thoughts or feedback do you have.  Next time you look at an image you edit, try and critique it as I did above – see if there is something you would change or do differently with past edits too.

blueprint4 Blueprint - Subtle Edits for a BIG Impact Blueprints Photoshop Tips & Tutorials


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