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No more blurry iPhone photos, thanks to Apple’s latest patent


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The iPhone’s camera is about to get even better, thanks to a new technology that captures multiple images and selects the best shot out of them.

Apple has filed for a patent which will allow the iPhone’s camera to capture and store images in a buffer. Thanks to the new technology, the best picture will be automatically selected when the users will release the shutter.

apple-patent-iphone-camera-poor-photos No more blurry iPhone photos, thanks to Apple's latest patent News and Reviews

When launching the Camera app in the iPhone, the system will automatically begin taking and storing photos in a buffer. After the user touches the display, the system will choose the best photo.

iPhoneography is about to get better thanks to Apple’s latest patent

The patent was filed last October and was described as an “image capturing device having continuous image capture”. Trying to get the best shot is not easy as subjects may move, close their eyes, or not pay attention when the photographer releases the shutter. Additionally, another problem is caused by the user himself when he touches the display to take a picture. This creates camera shaking, hence the final shots may be blurry.

When an iPhone user will launch the Camera app, this new technology will begin taking photos. The full-resolution images will be stored in a buffer. After the user presses the shutter button or, in iPhone’s case, touches the display, the software will automatically select the best picture from those stored in the buffer.

The technology is based on a number of variables and the company is actively working on it, to make sure that the best picture will be selected in all cases, regardless of circumstances. Apple’s new system will create a so-called “focus score”, calculating the contrast, full-resolution, exposure times, color rendering, and dynamic range among others.

Similar technologies already provided by Apple’s biggest competitors

Apple’s approach is somewhat different from the technologies already available in devices like the Nokia Lumia 920, BlackBerry Z10, and Samsung Galaxy S3 / Note II.

Nokia’s software is called Smart Shoot and allows the users to select the “best face” in a photo. Additionally, it can capture multiple shots, in order to allow the users to erase objects from a photo.

BlackBerry’s take on selecting the best face in a photo is called TimeShift. However, the user needs to select the best picture himself, in a process similar to the one already available in the Nokia Lumia 920.

The same process is also available in the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy S3. The South Korea-based company’s technology is called Best Face. It captures shots in burst mode and gives users the possibility to select the best face in a picture.

However, only Nokia’s Lumia 920 has a special mechanism, called Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), which cuts down blur when recording videos.

A new iPhone will be released sometime this year, most likely in mid-September / early October. With so many companies already offering a similar technology on their respective devices, Apple will not want to remain too far behind, so it remains to be seen whether it will include this system into the next-gen iPhone’s camera.

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