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Bokeh-loving Fujifilm X-mount lens rumored to be in the works


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Fujifilm is rumored to be working on a new lens that will provide beautiful and smooth bokeh, which could become the best X-mount lens for portrait photography.

Lenses with bright apertures are great for portraits. They will create a very shallow depth of field, while the out-of-focus areas will display bokeh. This is pleasing to the eye, but it is worth noting that not all optics with faster apertures can create beautiful bokeh.

It would be unfair to single aut one model, so we will focus on what is coming. According to FujiRumors, a bokeh-loving Fujifilm X-mount lens is in the works and will be announced sometime in the near future, so we should not rule out a Photokina 2014 launch.

sony-minolta-stf-135mm-f2.8-t4.5 Bokeh-loving Fujifilm X-mount lens rumored to be in the works Rumors

This is the current version of the Sony Minolta STF 135mm f/2.8 [T4.5] lens. Fujifilm is rumored to be building a similar lens, which will provide beautiful bokeh.

Fujifilm could be developing a lens that delivers amazing bokeh

Fujifilm X-mount camera owners have their fair share of lenses for portraits at their disposal. However, a 90mm f/2 R telephoto prime optic has already been added to the roadmap and it will be released sometime by the end of 2015.

It appears that the Japan-based company is working on another telephoto prime model. A source is reporting that Fuji is developing an optic that is based on a similar idea which sits at the base of the Minolta STF 135mm f/2.8 [T4.5] lens.

The STF in its name stands for “Smooth Transition Focus” and the optic comes packed with two pairs of aperture blades. One consists of nine circular blades, while the other one has 10 blades.

Its main application is “smooth bokeh”, which is provided by an apodization filter responsible for creating very pleasing bokeh effects.

As stated above, the bokeh-loving Fujifilm X-mount lens could be based on similar technology and the company could announce the development of this optic at Photokina 2014.

Bokeh-loving Fujifilm X-mount lens might not feature autofocus support

The Minolta STF 135mm f/2.8 [T4.5] lens has been introduced by Minolta for AF-mount cameras, but Sony took over the manufacturing process as of 2006 and now it is also working with A-mount cameras.

This product does not have an autofocus motor because it would interfere with the apodization filter. In the event of an AF motor, the optic would no longer be capable of offering smooth bokeh.

Minolta’s lens provides a smooth transition between out-of-focus areas and in-focus subjects, but photographers still need to be careful with the manual focus in order to make sure that the focus is properly set.

The source has not revealed whether Fujifilm’s optic is manual focus-only or if it comes with autofocus support. We will probably hear more in the future, so stay tuned!

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