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Bonzart Ampel camera with tilt-shift lens available for $180


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Bonzart Ampel, a small camera which shoots native tilt-shift photos, has gone on sale for a price under $200.

Bonzart has introduced a tiny camera, called Ampel, at the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2013. The device features two lenses, one of them being a tilt-shift one, which allows photographers to capture toy camera-like images without expensive accessories or integrated editing-tools.

bonzart-ampel Bonzart Ampel camera with tilt-shift lens available for $180 News and Reviews

Bonzart Ampel camera features a 5-megapixel CMOS image sensor, which can capture 720p videos. Additionally, it packs two lenses and one of them can be used for tilt-shift photography.

Bonzart Ampel twin-lens camera goes on sale for $180

The Bonzart Ampel camera has just become available for sale in the United States. People have been expecting the camera to be available for a huge price, but they are going to have to pay less than $200 for it, since it costs $180.

AC Gears is said to be the exclusive seller of Bonzart devices in the US and the camera can be purchased directly at the retailer’s website. Moreover, shipping is free, as all orders over $75 benefit from this offering.

bonzart-ampel-tilt-shift-lens Bonzart Ampel camera with tilt-shift lens available for $180 News and Reviews

Bonzart Ampel camera captures impressive tilt-shift images.

Bonzart Ampel camera features two lenses and 5-megapixel sensor

Bonzart Ampel specs include a 5-megapixel CMOS image sensor sized at 1/3.2-inch, 2-inch LCD screen of 960 x 240 resolution, integrated microphone which is useful when recording 720p videos, and an SD card slot of up to 32GB.

There are a couple of lenses built into the camera. One of them is capable of capturing regular photos in 4:3 or 1:1 formats, while the other one is useful for miniature-looking shots, as stated above.

bonzart-ampel-tilt-shift-camera Bonzart Ampel camera with tilt-shift lens available for $180 News and Reviews

Bonzart Ampel’s tilt-shift lens takes amazing miniature imagery.

Bonzart Ampel camera provides other scenes, too, not just tilt-shift

Professional photographers may find it weird that such a small and cheap device can capture good tilt-shift shots. Such lenses are usually very expensive and you have to take into consideration the price of the dedicated camera, whereas Ampel costs just $180.

Other scene modes are also available. The catalog contains  Black & White, Vivid, REF, and Sepia. The camera does not have WiFi, but the SD card can be easily inserted into a computer, allowing users to share their creative photos on social networks.

Bonzart is selling the camera in the United Kingdom and Japan, too, though prices may vary depending on retailers.

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