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Boston Globe’s “Photojournalists under 25” yields amazing images


Featured Products’s Big Picture campaign is once again looking to give photojournalists under 25 a chance to promote their work in the crowded world of photography.

The Boston Globe is a very popular news source which happens to love photography. Many amazing stories and images are posted with the help of its subsidiary, the blog. Here, the editors share “news stories in photographs” through “The Big Picture” campaign.

“Photojournalists under 25” is all about beautiful imagery taken by young students

The Big Picture’s latest theme is called “Photojournalists under 25”. Many young photographers, who happen to be very talented, do not get enough chances to promote their work, mostly because photojournalism is a very popular segment.

Even though young photographers take classes at dedicated universities, attend workshops, and build large portfolios, not all of them manage to get a well-paid job.

However, there are lots of people who believe that these young artists can take better photos than established photographers, because they do not feel the pressure to bring “something” new back to their bosses on a daily basis. This way, they have enough time to prepare their shots and to focus on the things that are going on in front of them.

The “Photojournalists under 25” campaign gathers striking images sent by photojournalism students under the age of 25 and puts them in the limelight. The collection was carefully selected by Boston Globe’s staff.

The “Photojournalists under 25” campaign consists of striking images sent by photojournalism students under the age of 25.

This idea came from Tamir Kalifa, the 2012 summer photography intern at the Boston Globe, who came across several international schools, contests, and workshops, where he encountered very talented photographers.

A new collection is waiting for more “news stories in photographs” from photojournalists under 25

The campaign enjoyed an enormous success, but the Boston Globe feels that the collection is still incomplete, therefore it is inviting many other young people to post the pictures on The Big Picture’s official Facebook page.

Photojournalists under 25 must also provide full details about the photos, while the editors will choose the best images. They will create a huge collection and will publish it soon. However, the current collection consists of dozens of impressive photos taken all over the world.

Boston Globe photographer, Lane Turner, added that he hopes to attract more young photographers from outside North America and Europe with the help of this campaign.

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