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Overlapped photos of “Boys and Their Fathers” by Craig Gibson


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Photographer Craig Gibson shows the genetic similarities between fathers and their sons through a series of overlapped photos entitled “Boys and Their Fathers”.

A human’s life is priceless. The fact that each individual person is alive today can be attributed to their respective mother and father. As we grow up, our parents begin to look older. As much as we kids hate to recognize it, we look pretty much like our conceivers and we will have to be forever thankful to our forefathers for giving us life.

Amazing series of overlapped photos of “Boys and Their Fathers” revealed by Craig Gibson

Photographer Craig Gibson is aware of this fact and he has started a project to demonstrate its trueness. It is called “Boys and Their Fathers” and it consists of a series of overlapped photos of “boys and their fathers”.

These photos will remind sons to express a feeling of gratitude towards their fathers. Furthermore, it could also help them stop feeling embarrassed whenever their grandma’s friends call them cute while appearing amazed of the likeness between the fathers and sons.

Photographer captured multiple shots of the subjects to make sure the final position and camera angle are correct

Creating this fascinating series was not easy. The UK-based photographer had to capture multiple photos of each person. This has been necessary in order to make sure that all subjects are correctly framed into the shot.

In order to make it work, the subjects had to face the camera at the right angle. In the end, Gibson managed to capture some good shots, combined them together, and released his project for the whole world to see.

Look at the photos and remember to give your father a big hug

Fathers pass the genes to their sons and children will remain tied to their ancestors forever. This is why, in some cases, overlapping the shots was not even mandatory, as the resemblances between fathers and sons were very obvious.

“Boys and Their Fathers” should stir a lot of feelings in the hearts of the viewers. If you still have the chance, go ahead and give your father a well-deserved hug.

Craig Gibson is based in Glasgow. He is studying photography at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS). His work is exhibited on his official website, while his Tumblr blog also gives internet users an insight into the artist’s projects.

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