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Self-portraits of Brad Hammonds “Falling Through Space”


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Photographer Brad Hammonds has created a series of self-portraits depicting subjects “Falling Through Space”, moments away from disaster.

Plenty of photographers will put themselves in awkward scenarios just to get that perfect shot. They always have to go one step further to accomplish their goals, but Brad Hammonds will make viewers think twice about replicating his work.

Photographer Brad Hammonds makes viewers fear for his safety in “Falling Through Space” collection

Brad has created a series of images called “Falling Through Space” and the title means exactly what you think it means. The collection consists of self-portraits that show subjects falling through space. Most shots give the viewer the impression that the figure is moments away from disaster, as he keeps falling.

The photographer says that making the viewers ask themselves whether the person in the photos is OK or not is the main idea behind the project.

“Emotional delay” makes us realize things after they happen

Hammonds says that all humans experience an “emotional delay”. Such feelings appear right after something happens, which means that people are never realizing what is going on until after the moment has passed.

The brain requires some processing time, but when an accident or something good happens, we will only realize it after it is actually over.

His Matrix-like poses propelled Brad Hammonds into “The Weekly Flickr” series

Falling Through Space has gathered a lot of attention, also because it reminds admirers of the Matrix movies. The subjects are usually in a Matrix-like suspended animations, which stirs a lot of “feels” in the eyes of the beholders.

The work of Brad Hammonds has also been featured in the so-called “The Weekly Flickr”, where the work of creative photographers is exhibited.

Spoiler alert! No need to worry: the subjects are safe

Usually, it is not very hard to realize what happens next, but the photographer surely manages to make anyone fear for the subject’s fate. Thankfully, Brad is safe, as post-production is used for making him appear as if he is “falling through space”.

The artist added that he does not use too much digital manipulation. The backgrounds are carefully chosen, as well as the outfit, therefore the only post-production hassle is to determine the final position of the subject.

It is worth noting that the subject is sometimes a beautiful woman, most likely the photographer’s girlfriend. Either way, she is probably safe, too, as the poses are made in a stable position. More of Brad’s work can be found at his personal Flickr account.

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