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Brinson + Banks equals love and kisses all around the world


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Commercial photographers Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks are the authors of a beautiful project that consists of them recreating a kiss in the places that they visit.

The story of a love-filled photo project began in early 2010 when photographer David Walter Banks grabbed photographer and his then girlfriend Kendrick Brinson, lifted her off in the air, and gave her a passionate kiss.

The moment took place in the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada. The pair was there with other photographers and one of them immortalized the aforementioned moment. Eventually, the couple has decided to recreate the shot and a great photo project has been born, consisting of photos of kisses captured across North America and beyond.

Two photographers recreate a passionate kiss each time they get a chance

Kendrick and David have known each other since college. They have worked together, too, but it has taken them a while to fall in love with each other. A long-distance relationship has been followed by a closer one, which then turned into a marriage in 2012.

On the other hand, this love story has been on camera since March 2010. While being with a group of fellow photographers in the Valley of State Fire in Nevada, one of them noticed the two love birds getting closer and grabbed a photo exactly when the pair shared a heartwarming kiss.

Both of them loved the photo and it stuck into their minds. A couple of months after this event, Brinson and Banks have decided to recreate it somewhere in Lebanon, Kansas.

Soon enough, it all turned into a documentary series that is aimed at capturing all the mesmerizing moments between Kendrick and David. To this day, they are recreating the pose wherever their love story takes them and they will continue to do so for a long time.

More details about Brinson + Banks

Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks have also teamed up to create a successful commercial photography team. The couple mostly focuses on portrait and lifestyle photography. Their photo shoots are always well-thought in order to make sure that the results are amazing.

Their works have been published in numerous magazines, including Sports Illustrated, TIME, and The New York Times.

The Los Angeles-based couple are present on social media channels, too. Their romantic project has been joined by people all over the world, who are sending them their kiss photos under the #Brinsonbanksing hashtag.

More details as well as more photos can be found at the official website of the Brinson + Banks couple.

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