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Broken Night horror movie, filmed with Nikon D800, released online


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Nikon and Director Guillermo Arriaga have announced the availability of Broken Night, a short movie filmed with the D800.

Broken-Night-horror-movie-Nikon-D800 Broken Night horror movie, filmed with Nikon D800, released online News and Reviews

The Broken Night horror movie was announced back in November 2012, when Nikon and Guillermo Arriaga said that the film will be entirely shot with the powerful D800.

Although people said that the D800 cannot compete against the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and its videography prowess, it seems like Nikon’s DSLR is doing a good job in the cinematography industry.

This camera was already praised by the directors of Dexter’s seventh season, where the Nikon D800 was used as the primary second-unit shooter.

Creators were pleased with the result

Director Arriaga was very pleased with the result of his partnership with Nikon. He said that the Broken Night film turned out exactly how he had expected it to, and that the movie is “drop dead beautiful.” Although it is a short horror movie, it is intended for viewers with a strong heart, who will appreciate D800 DSLR’s ability to capture the deepest feelings of the actors.

The making of the frightening movie was full of challenges, but the Mexico-born director and producer believes that Nikon’s team duly-delivered. Mr. Arriaga said that the D800 behaved excellently in low-light conditions, though the camera received a lot of help from the bright Nikkor lenses.

Where to watch the movie

The Broken Night short horror film can be watched in its entirety at the movie’s official website, where editor Paul Martinez talks about how easy it is to edit clips shot with the Nikon D800. There are a few behind the scenes clips, including one in which the Broken Night’s Writer-Director praises the technologies found in Nikon’s DSLR camera.

You should check out all the videos even though you might not be a fan of horror movies. Maybe the quality of the footage will make you change your mind and scary movies will become your favorite, so you should not let this opportunity get past you.

About the movie makers

Guillermo Arriaga is an award-winning writer who worked at movies like Babel and 21 Grams, while receiving the 2005 Cannes Best Screenplay for “The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.” His contribution to the 21 Grams movie added the BAFTA Best Screenplay Award to his trophy collection.

Broken Night was shot in collaboration with cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, several times Academy Awards nominee, who worked on the set of highly-popular movies, including Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, Munich, Catch Me If You Can, War of the Worlds, and Minority Report.

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