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Bublcam is an innovative 360-degree camera with a cute design


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A Canadian company, called Bubl Technology, is seeking funds through Kickstarter for an amazing 360-degree photo and video camera called Bublcam.

Photographers have shown their love for panoramic images as well as for 360-degree cameras in recent times. They are using their smartphones to capture panoramas, while some people are even buying 360-degree shooters such as the Ricoh Theta.

Nevertheless, the Ricoh Theta is part of a niche market which may or may not become a multi-million dollar business in the foreseeable future. One of the products which is definitely joining the party is called Bublcam and it can be yours by pledging some of your hard-earned money through Kickstarter.

bublcam Bublcam is an innovative 360-degree camera with a cute design News and Reviews

Bubl Technology has revealed the Bublcam, a 360-degree camera capable of capturing photos and videos.

Bublcam is a 360-degree camera capable of capturing amazing panoramic images and movies

Bubl Technology has opened a Kickstarter project, seeking funds for the Bublcam, a 360-degree camera capable of taking both photos and videos.

This device is using a 5-megapixel OmniVision sensor to captures 360-degree panorama photos at 14 megapixels. It also offers four 190-degree field-of-view lenses to overlap the shots and create a “digital bubl”.

If you are interested in taking 360-degree movies, then you will be pleased to find out that you can capture 1080p videos at 15 frames per second and 720p videos at 30 fps.

The new Bublcam is stabilized with the help of a tri-axial accelerometer, although a tripod mount is available, too.

The most innovative 360-degree camera comes with WiFi support

CEO and founder Sean Ramsay calls it that most innovative 360-degree camera in the world. Being able to take 360-degree videos with such a small, lightweight, and beautiful device for a low price certainly qualifies for this tag.

The tetrahedral design and a weight of only 280 grams will not give users the impression that the Bublcam is a burden. Actually, it appears to be very nice to hold as it is just a little bigger than a conventional baseball.

The 360-degree images and movies are stored on a microSD card of up to 32GB. It features a USB port, but the nicest thing of them is the WiFi support. This way users can live stream the videos to a PC or mobile device.

bublcam-travel-photography Bublcam is an innovative 360-degree camera with a cute design News and Reviews

Bublcam can be used for travel photography as well as many other purposes.

The Bublcam can be used by everyone for various purposes

Bublcam will have major implications in a lot of areas. It is aimed at regular photographers, people who enjoy action sports, users who travel a lot or simply those who want to capture all the fun during birthdays and other special moments.

Moreover, it could be used as a baby monitor, replacement for your webcam, and, why not, for gaming with virtual reality support.

Nevertheless, if you own a business, you will be able to use it as a security camera or even teleconferencing with your colleagues.

bublcam-stretch-goals Bublcam is an innovative 360-degree camera with a cute design News and Reviews

There are two Bublcam stretch goals in place. The first could bring time-lapse photography, while the second will provide higher-quality photos and videos.

Kickstarter campaign has already been funded, but more funds mean more features

The Kickstarter project is funded in Canadian dollars. The $100,000 CAD initial goal has been met, meaning that the project has been funded successfully. Additionally, the $250,000 CAD and $300,000 CAD stretch goals have been met as well, bringing HDR support in the process.

At the time of writing this article, there are about five days to go until the campaign’s end. There is plenty of time to meet the other stretch goals. The first stands at $350,000 CAD and it will bring support for time-lapse photography.

The second goal is set at $450,000 CAD and it will provide 32-megapixel photos and 1080p video recording at 30fps and 720p movie capturing at 60fps.

The camera can still be grabbed at special prices at its official Kickstarter page for the next few days.

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