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I am looking to rename my action sets and parts of my actions with more creative names. I want the names to be fun and all flow together.

Here is what I am looking to rename:

Of these the color and eye ones are the main ones I really need help with. The others I am okay changing or leaving.

  • My Color Pop Action (presenty just called MCP Color Pop)- which really is an overall workflow action that pops color, enhances the photo, sharpens it and more. It is completely customizable and adjustable.
  • Opps I blew it – for preserving highlights that often get blown in conversions
  • Out from the Shadows – for bringing out details lost in shadows
  • Deeper and Richer – for making shadows even more moody
  • My Black and White Action (presently called Take My Color Away)- which is a black and white action.
  • Chocolate Wishes (part of the black and white for a slightly brown conversion)
  • Feeling Blue (part of the black and white for a slightly blue toned conversion)
  • Take My Color Away – Vintage Action – to give a muted older feel
  • MCP Eye Pop – to enhance eyes and make them really pop
  • MCP teeth whitening – to make teeth brighter and more importantly whiter

I am just not creative with names – and I am hoping to get some idea and help from my blog readers. if you have ideas, please email me at

Thank you so much.



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