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CamsFormer turns your DSLR into a mean photo machine


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An interesting Kickstarter project for photographers is called CamsFormer, which consists of a special device that offers high-speed shutter trigger, wireless controls, remote Live View, automatic Pan / Tilt / Zoom capabilities, and a slew of more sensors for your camera.

There are few devices as nifty as CamsFormer, a special camera equipment developed by Clive Smith. This accessory is available through Kickstarter, where it has already secured the funds necessary to become a reality.

Among the myriad of tools provided by CamsFormer, users will be able to find several sensors, high-speed trigger, 3-axis motion control, wireless control, wireless Live View, support for multiple photography modes, and many others.

camsformer CamsFormer turns your DSLR into a mean photo machine News and Reviews

CamsFormer transforms your DSLR into a mean photography machine, thanks to its built-in sensors, tools, and features.

CamsFormer is an all-in-one accessory that every photographer should have in his bag

This Kickstarter project comes with a bold promise: to turn your DSLR “into a lean mean photography machine”. If you are wondering what this means, then you will have to keep reading!

According to Clive Smith, CamsFormer comes with integrated light, laser, lightning, sound, and infrared motion sensors. This means that whenever it will detect any of these, the device will fire the shutter’s cameras. This is useful for photographers aiming to capture a perfect lightning shot. Using it, you do not have to wait with your finger on your camera’s or remote’s shutter, as you can simply go to bed during a storm and CamsFormer will do the job for you.

Moreover, the device comes with four channels, which means that it can control two DSLRs and two flash guns at the same time.

Another advantage is its 3-axis motion control, which will allow the device to pan, tilt, or even zoom your DSLR kit, depending on the settings. Speaking of which, a mobile app will be released, too, so that users can set all exposure details from a smartphone.

Using a mobile device, photographers can check what the camera sees in Live View mode without the need of a separate accessory. Additionally, the photos and videos can be automatically backed-up on your smartphone via wireless connectivity.

CamsFormer could turn you into a more creative photographer

Clive Smith adds that CamsFormer can also help you become more creative. The device includes support for time-lapse photography, HDR, and bulb ramping among others.

Another interesting feature is called Infinity mode that allows you to shoot forever without running out of memory. It is a bit unclear how this works, but it appears that the photos and videos will be automatically sent to your smartphone, tablet, or even computer.

After you have captured your desired photos, you can edit them from the CamsFormer app, that offers more than 150 effects.

This device required $7,000 in funding to become a reality. So far, it has secured more than $28,000, which means that it will definitely become available sometime next summer. It sounds like a very exciting project, so check out its Kickstarter page for more details!

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