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Canon 180mm f/3.5 DO macro lens patent revealed on the web


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Canon has patented a new DO (diffractive optics) lens, which features a focal length of 180mm, maximum aperture of f/3.5, and macro capabilities among others.

Several lenses have been patented by Canon this year. Two of them have even featured a diffractive optics element, which means that chromatic aberration would be of no concern for photographers using such lenses.

Well, there is plenty of room for more, so Canon has just patented another DO lens. The patent for a 180mm f/3.5 DO macro model has been spotted in Japan and it could replace the existing EF 180mm f/3.5L macro optic sometime in the future.

canon-180mm-f3.5-do-macro-lens Canon 180mm f/3.5 DO macro lens patent revealed on the web Rumors

This is the patent for the Canon 180mm f/3.5 DO macro lens.

Canon patents 180mm f/3.5 DO macro lens in Japan

Canon filed for this patent on January 17, 2013. The application was granted on July 28 this year, therefore the company can focus on the important stuff from now on, such as polishing the product and releasing it on the market.

Nevertheless, it is worth specifying that granting a patent does not guarantee that the product will become available.

The new Canon 180mm f/3.5 DO macro lens would be perfect for multiple categories of photographers. Those who enjoy wildlife and macro photography would certainly welcome it and its 1.0x magnification rate.

Here are the technical details of the Canon 180mm f/3.5 DO macro lens

The internal design consists of 12 elements, including an aspherical one, split into eight groups. Another element is based on diffractive optics technology, as stated above.

A DO element would simplify the optical construction, thus making the lens smaller and lighter. Additionally, image quality would be greatly improved, so that chromatic aberration will be almost entirely cancelled out.

According to the patent, this optic would measure about 203mm in length and would have a 58mm diameter, while its weight has not been specified.

Canon’s EF 180mm f/3.5L Macro USM lens could be replaced by a DO-ready model

As stated above, Canon is already selling a 180mm lens with macro capabilities. The EF 180mm f/3.5L Macro USM lens is available at Amazon for a price below $1,500.

This model has been available on the market for a very long time and an upgrade is due. The best replacement would be a DO-ready lens, as it would provide a significant increase in optical quality.

According to inside sources, we are in Canon’s “year of the lenses”. So far, it has not been promising, therefore the EOS DSLR users would welcome the launch of the 180mm f/3.5 DO macro lens.

Take this with a grain of salt and do not raise your hopes too high!

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