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Canon 1D C now able to record 4K videos at 25fps


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Canon 1D C users will be finally able to record 4K videos at 25 frames per second, thanks to the latest firmware update for the professional camera.

Canon has released a lot of firmware updates over the past few hours. The Japan-based company has updated the 1D Mark IV and the 1Ds Mark III, while the 1D X and 1D Mark III have also been upgraded recently. Now, it is time for the EOS 1D C to become better and more reliable, thanks to a new firmware update.

The Canon 1D C is a powerful cinema camera which features an 18.1-megapixel full frame second capable of recording uncompressed full HD video through the HDMI port. However, the shooter can also record 4K videos at almost 24fps. Well, the Japan-based company has just upped the stakes by providing video recording at ultra HD resolution and 25fps.

canon-1d-c-firmware-update-1.2.0 Canon 1D C now able to record 4K videos at 25fps News and Reviews

Firmware update 1.2.0 is available for Canon 1D C users, but only if they go to an authorized service. The update which brings 4K video recording at 25p cannot be downloaded, as Canon has chosen to do it itself.

Canon 1D C firmware update 1.2.0 comes packed with 4K video recording at 25p

Canon has announced firmware update 1.2.0 for the EOS 1D C. This is the latest firmware for the DSLR and it comes packed with several features. The most important is the aforementioned one, which enables support for 25p frame rates when recording 4K resolution videos.

The Japanese manufacturer has also added a way of disabling image size selection and it has changed the way the frame rate is displayed. From now on, the number will be displayed with a couple of decimal numbers, meaning that it will no longer show 24p, instead indicating 23.98p.

Latest update for EOS 1D C also fixes some annoying bugs…

The Canon 1D C firmware update 1.2.0 also includes several bug fixes. Native Portuguese speakers will be very happy that their language menu has been corrected.

Moreover, different exposures will no longer show up in continuous shooting mode with auto-lighting optimizer ON. A bug which caused videos to become two-layered when recording via HDMI has been fixed.

The final bug fix is helpful for users who could not see the entire on-screen guidance when using the maximum ISO value through the Auto ISO Range function.

…but you cannot download it yet

Firmware update 1.2.0 fixes plenty of issues for EOS 1D C users and adds a couple of features, too, but there is a huge problem: you cannot have it. Unfortunately, Canon has not released a download link and the feature upgrade listing says that photographers will have to go through the company’s services to perform the installation.

The reason for that is unknown, but it is possible that Canon has found a problem which could appear during the installation and it is not willing to let photographers break their piece of expensive equipment.

This means that users should head over to the nearest Canon store if they want to be able to record 4K movies at 25p.

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