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Canon 1D X Mark II release date and price details leaked


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The Canon 1D X Mark II release date is April 2016, says a trusted source, while also stating that the DSLR camera will most likely have a price tag of $5,999.

Nikon has already announced its flagship DSLR camera. As expected, it is called D5 and it is coming to a store near you during the first quarter of 2016.

In the past, the gossip mill said that Canon would launch a flagship of its own around the same time as its biggest rival. Some rumors claimed that the product will also become official in early 2016 and that it will go on sale before the start of the 2016 UEFA Euro Championship.

Well, a trusted insider has just confirmed this allegation by providing the Canon 1D X Mark II release date and price details.

Canon 1D X Mark II release date scheduled for April 2016

The 1D X is currently the EOS-series flagship model. It will be replaced by the 1D X Mark II this year and it seems like it has been scheduled for an April release date.

canon-1d-x-mark-ii-release-date Canon 1D X Mark II release date and price details leaked Rumors

Canon will release the replacement to the EOS 1D X in April 2016.

Canon is now adding the final touches to the DSLR, so that the shooter will be ready for its launch. Nevertheless, the release might be delayed if something bad happens along the way. As much as the fans, we are hoping that no issues will arise and that the battle of the giants will be as exciting as it seems on paper.

The DSLR will become official many weeks before its launch as well as shortly the release of the Nikon D5. The most likely timeframe is situated between late February and early March, which means that we will not be seeing it by the end of this month.

Canon 1D X Mark II to be priced lower than the Nikon D5

Unfortunately for industry watchers, the source has not provided a detailed specs list. All that he is told is that the EOS 1D X Mark II will be capable of shooting 4K videos. This has been rumored before and it is quite a necessary feature, as the D5 records 4K footage, too.

The good thing is that a different source, who has provided accurate details in the past, is claiming that the DSLR will employ a 22-megapixel sensor. This amount is a tad bigger than the 20.9-megapixel sensor found in the Nikon D5.

As for the Canon 1D X Mark II price, the camera will cost $5,999. This might be a major advantage over its competitor, which has a launch price tag of $6,499.95. For the time being, the Nikon D5 can be pre-ordered at Amazon for the aforementioned price, while the Canon unit remains a rumor. Stay tuned!

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