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Canon 1D X replacement rumored to feature multi-layer sensor


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Canon is rumored to announce two new DSLR cameras that will feature image sensors based on a multi-layered design, with both cameras expected to become official sometime in 2015.

The rumor mill has been pretty vocal when it comes to big-megapixel Canon cameras. Moreover, the gossip talks have included details about multi-layered sensors, mainly because the Japan-based company has patented multiple such sensors in the past.

Most of the information has come from unknown sources. However, this time it is different because it is coming from a known source, who has been right in the past. According to this insider, two Canon DSLRs with multi-layer sensors will be launched in 2015.

canon-multi-layered-sensor-patent Canon 1D X replacement rumored to feature multi-layer sensor Rumors

One of Canon’s patents depicting multi-layered sensors. This version consists of five sheets of pixels, two more than Sigma’s Foveon and Quattro sensors.

Big-megapixel Canon DSLR camera coming in Q1 2015 with Foveon-like sensor

The first camera to boast such technology is said to be the high-resolution version. Canon will introduce this device sometime during the first quarter of 2015.

It will not replace the 5D Mark III, so this is not the Canon 5D Mark IV. Moreover, it will not succeed the EOS 1D X either, so its name and designation are unknown for the time being.

There are some whispers that it will be revealed “sooner rather than later”, but this does not mean that something will come out of the PhotoPlus Expo 2014 event taking place this October.

The trusted source mentioned that it will be unveiled in Q1 2015, therefore there is no point in holding your breath over this story at this point.

Canon 1D X replacement also coming with a multi-layered sensor next year

The second model to be announced is the Canon 1D X replacement. Although it does not have a name, it will be powered by a multi-layered sensor. A high-resolution sensor has not been mentioned, meaning that we can expect it to have fewer megapixels than the first camera.

The DSLR will definitely be aimed at professional photographers, but its announcement date is still unknown. The good thing is that it is definitely coming in 2015, so you will have to stay tuned to find out more information.

By the looks of it, Canon will be very committed to delivering multi-layered sensor-powered DSLRs, so this technology could be the future of the EOS line-up.

Meanwhile, Amazon is selling the Canon 1D X for a price around $6,800.

canon-large-sensor-superzoom-compact Canon 1D X replacement rumored to feature multi-layer sensor Rumors

Canon will announce a premium compact camera with a superzoom lens and a large sensor soon.

Canon Netherlands confirms that large-sensor superzoom compact is coming soon

On the other hand, Canon Netherlands has confirmed what Canon Hong Kong has said during the Photokina 2014 event.

The company is actively promoting its large-sensor premium compact cameras, such as the G1 X Mark II and the new G7 X. The manufacturer is doing so courtesy of a video, which includes the aforementioned compacts, but also reveals the outlines of a “grote zoom” camera.

Apparently, “grote” means “large” and it falls in line with the information coming from Canon HK. This means that the superzoom compact with a large sensor is coming soon, so stick with us for the official announcement!

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