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Canon claims victory over Nikon at the 2014 World Cup


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Canon has officially announced that most professionals covering the 2014 World Cup have used the company’s gear, including broadcast lenses, DSLRs, and lenses.

On the field, Germany was crowned winner against Argentina during the 2014 World Cup final, which took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on July 13.

On the sidelines, Canon is claiming that it has won the war against its competitors, such as Nikon and Sony, throughout the one-month-long tournament.

The Japan-based company, which is also the leading lens vendor with 100 million EF lenses shipped so far, has revealed that professional photographers and videographers have chosen Canon lenses and DSLR cameras, as their main tools for covering and broadcasting the 2014 World Cup.

Canon announces 90% broadcast lens market share at the 2014 World Cup

canon-2014-world-cup Canon claims victory over Nikon at the 2014 World Cup News and Reviews

Professional photographers covering the 2014 World Cup in Brazil using Canon DSLRs and lenses.

In a press release posted on July 24 on its website, Canon proudly revealed that the company’s broadcast lenses have been the “most widely used” at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Broadcasters have used professional Canon lenses to film the goals, the fans in the stands, and other scenes from the most important football / soccer tournament on the planet.

The Japanese company says that its products have been the most used throughout the event, thus overcoming its main competition, which includes Nikon and Sony.

According to the manufacturer, it has reached a market share close to 90% in the broadcast lens area. This means that if you watched a 2014 World Cup match, then you have done with the help of a Canon lens.

About 70% of the professional photographers at the 2014 World Cup have used Canon DSLRs and lenses

Canon has also asserted its dominance in the photography area. The Japan-based manufacturer has revealed that the sidelines have been filled with photographers using its white telephoto lenses.

Their white color is how viewers can easily tell them apart from Nikon and Sony lenses. The company is claiming that about 70% of all DSLRs and lenses, used for capturing the big moments of the 2014 World Cup, have been made by Canon.

The corporation has added that it has had a large presence on all 12 stadiums of the competition. Members of the Canon Professional Services have been able to offer support to the photographers attending the games as well as to loan them cameras and optics.

Judging by this report, it is clear that the Canon vs Nikon war is still ongoing at major sports events, just like we have presented in a previous article. The former may have won the 2014 World Cup, but the latter could still make a comeback at future competitions.

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