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Canon 35mm T1.5 prime lens announced for EOS cinema cameras


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Canon has announced a new cinema prime lens, the CN-E 35mm T1.5 L F aimed at Super 35mm and 35mm full frame EOS cinema cameras.

Canon is dead serious about providing improved video performance to its customers. If the photography-related DSLR lineup is praised by videographers, then the EOS cinema series has also begun getting more attention in recent times.

canon-35mm-t1.5 Canon 35mm T1.5 prime lens announced for EOS cinema cameras News and Reviews

Canon 35mm T1.5 has become the sixth prime lens in the EOS cinema lineup. It provides high-quality 4K video recording and amazing bokeh effects.

Canon announces 35mm T1.5 prime lens for EOS cinema camera lineup

In order to be have a successful run on this market, manufacturers have to provide more creative options to potential customers. Canon is doing a great job in the prime cinema lens segment, as the EF 14mm, 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 135mm optics are already available for purchase.

The sixth model has just been announced and it consists of the Canon 35mm T1.5 lens. It is compatible with full frame cameras, such as the 1D C, C500, C300, and C100. However, it will be supported by the popular 5D Mark III and the flagship 1D X DSLR cameras, too.

Canon 35mm T1.5 lens to provide beautiful bokeh in 4K videos

The internal design of the new 35mm T1.5 optic consists of an 11-blade diaphragm, which will provide improved depth-of-field control, uniform color balancing, and improved bokeh effects.

One of the main advantages of this product is that it supports 4K video recording. Users will only need an ultra HD video compatible camera. However, 2K and full HD filming will work just as well.

Sixth EOS cinema prime to be released in December for $5,200

The Canon 35mm T1.5 lens measures 114mm in outer diameter, while its length size stands at 101.5mm. The total weight is 2.43lbs, being one of the lightest EOS cinema primes on the market.

Videographers looking to purchase the optic will be able to do so as of this December at a price around $5,200, depending on country and retailer.

Canon EOS  C500, C300, and C100 getting new firmware in late 2013

Meanwhile, the Japan-based company has also announced new firmware updates for the EOS  C500, C300, and C100 cameras. The former will receive the update in December 2013, while the latter two will be upgradeable as of this November.

All three shooters are getting ISO sensitivity of up to 80,000 and the sought-after Peripheral Lens Correction system. The C500 will gain 4096 x 1080 RAW video recording capabilities, the C300 One-Shot AF, while the C100 will get the ability to navigate through the menu using the body buttons.

More details are available at the company’s website. However, the upgrades are coming in late 2013, as stated above, so do not hold your breath over them.

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