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EOS 1D C replacement to be called Canon 5D C?


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Canon will allegedly choose a different path for the EOS 1D C successor, as the company will replace this Cinema EOS DSLR with a version of the EOS 5D Mark IV instead of a version of the upcoming EOS 1D X Mark II.

Back in April 2012, Canon announced that it was working on a cinematography version of its flagship EOS 1D X camera, called EOS 1D C. In March 2013, the company released the shooter and added it to the Cinema EOS line-up.

As the EOS 1D X Mark II will be replaced in late 2015 or early 2016, the Japan-based manufacturer is expected to introduce a successor to the EOS 1D C as well.

Rumors about such device have circled the web for a long time. However, instead of a EOS 1D C Mark II, we will probably witness the launch of the Canon 5D C, which will be based on the 5D-series instead of the 1D-series.

canon-eos-1d-c-replacement EOS 1D C replacement to be called Canon 5D C? Rumors

Canon EOS 1D C is rumored to be replaced by the Canon EOS 5D C, a camera based on the design of the 5D-series, instead of the 1D-series.

Canon 5D C rumored to replace the 1D C with a 5D-series-like design

An interesting specs list of the Canon 5D Mark IV has showed up online recently along with the name of Canon 5D X. The DSLR was said to employ an 18-megapixel sensor, which represented a lower amount than the 22.3-megapixel sensor found in the 5D Mark III.

Up until now, sources have said that the 5D Mark IV will feature a lower-megapixel sensor than the 5DS and 5DS R. However, the megapixel count will be bigger than the one found in the 5D Mark III, most likely sitting around 24 megapixels.

As these rumors were contradictory, the hunt for more details has begun. The answers have come rather quickly and it appears that the specs list is actually belonging to the 1D C successor, which will be called Canon 5D C.

The shooter will feature a 100-204,800 ISO sensitivity range, 61-point autofocus system (all being cross-type points), 12fps in continuous shooting mode, 4K video recording, and support for two CFast memory cards.

Slow 1D C sales forced Canon to take a different approach for the camera’s replacement

The Canon 5D C DSLR will be a part of the Cinema EOS and it will be based on a 5D-series design. The company will not use a 1D-series style in this model and there is a good reason for that.

Sources say that the 1D C sales have been underwhelming, so something must be done to ensure that its replacement will fare better on the market.

This is why the manufacturer has decided to make the camera cheaper than its predecessor. The Cinema EOS DSLR has been launched with a $15,000 price tag, which has dropped to about $12,000 shortly thereafter.

Now, the camera is available for “only” $8,000 at B&H PhotoVideo, after receiving a major price drop recently. As usual, this is all gossip talk, so it is best to take it with a grain of salt.

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