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Canon 5D Mark III firmware update release date is April 30


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Canon has updated the EOS 5D Mark III product page on the company’s official website, announcing that a firmware update for the DSLR camera will become available on April 30.

Canon presented the 5D Mark III to the masses in March 2012. Several months later, the Japan-based company announced that it will release a major firmware update for the camera, in order to provide extended functionality.

canon-5d-mark-iii-firmware-update-release-date Canon 5D Mark III firmware update release date is April 30 News and Reviews

Canon has announced the release date of the 5D Mark III firmware update. The new software will be released on April 30, in order to bring uncompressed HDMI video output when using an external recorder and enhanced autofocus performance.

Partial Canon 5D Mark III firmware update changelog has been announced a long time ago

The Japanese corporation said that the Canon 5D Mark III will get support for uncompressed HDMI output and that cross-type autofocus will be extended to f/8 aperture.

The former feature will allow cinematographers to record uncompressed video files when the camera is connected to an external recorder through the HDMI port. On the other hand, the latter option will give photographers the possibility of using the autofocus feature at an aperture of f/8, which is useful when tracking remote subjects.

According to Canon, sports and wildlife photographers will be able to use telephoto lenses at their maximum potential, as the smallest aperture currently available stands at f/5.6

Canon stated right from the beginning that the firmware will be released in April. However, the company has not provided an exact date, which made its fans a little nervous.

“Exact” Canon 5D Mark III firmware update release date is finally official

Fortunately, the Canon 5D Mark III firmware update release date has been officially scheduled for April 30. This information is available on the DSLR camera’s product page.

The company has chosen the silent path by posting a small announcement on the DSLR’s page. This may not be wise because, as stated above, photographers were getting a little anxious that the precise date remained hidden for such a long time.

Firmware update has been largely discussed at NAB Show 2013

At the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2013, a Canon representative has confirmed that the update is on track to become available in late April.

Additionally, the camera was spotted at the same event running on the new update. A 5D Mark III has been used at the Atomos booth, where the external recorder maker has been demonstrating the capabilities of its new Ninja Blade smart recorder.

The Canon 5D Mark III firmware update will also come packed with several bug fixes. One of them will allow the camera to focus faster when using the Speedlight AF Assist Beam, while other details remain unknown for now.

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