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Canon 5D Mark III and II hacked to capture 2K RAW DNG videos


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The Magic Lantern team of hackers has discovered that the Canon 5D Mark III and 5D Mark II are capable of recording 2K RAW videos.

Magic Lantern is famous for releasing a lot of custom firmware for Canon EOS DSLR cameras. The team extends the capabilities of multiple cameras, but its latest discovery is so amazing that it makes photographers wonder why the Japan-based company has not provided this feature in its cameras.

canon-5d-mark-iii-2k-raw-video Canon 5D Mark III and II hacked to capture 2K RAW DNG videos News and Reviews

Canon 5D Mark III is usually capable of outputting H.264 video. Its quality is not of the highest, but everything changes with Magic Lantern’s hacked firmware, which allows cinematographers to capture 2K RAW DNG videos.

Magic Lantern discovers that the Canon 5D Mark III and 5D Mark II cameras can capture 2K RAW DNG videos

Both the Canon 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III have been very popular among photographers. Sales numbers have reached respectable heights, while the newer version, the 5D Mark III, continues to sell a lot of units.

Anyway, it seems like the aforementioned pair of cameras is capable of capturing 2K RAW DNG videos, which are a lot better than the normal H.264 output.

The Magic Lantern hackers have discovered that the two cameras can output 2040 x 1428 resolution DNG files in live view mode. For the time being, the DSLRs can record 10 to 14 frames per second for 28 consecutive times, which is pretty impressive.

This achievement could go even further, as the hackers are looking to extend the functionality up to 24 frames per second, but this will require a lot of work.

The videos would turn out better if Magic Lantern cuts off the streaming and then manages to transfer it from the buffer to the CF / SD card.

Neumann Films tested Magic Lantern’s hacked firmware and concluded that RAW DNG captures 3 times more detail

Neumann Films put this to a test and said that this technique allows cinematographers capture three times more details when compared to the usual H.264 videos.

The experts say that the 2K RAW DNG videos captures more color depth, dynamic range, and resolution, which is everything a photographer could ever desire.

Neumann added that an important factor in the quality of the videos has been the Magic Lantern development team, which continues to deliver so many great features.

This functionality is usually available in professional cameras, such as the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, so it remains to be seen whether Magic Lantern will update its firmware.

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