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Canon 5D Mark III replacement is not coming out soon


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A trusted source is reporting that the Canon 5D Mark III replacement is not as near as the recent rumors say, as the DSLR is still more than six months away.

The saga concerning the Canon 5D Mark III replacement is taking another turn. In recent times, a lot of things have been said by a member of the DPReview member, who claimed that the DSLR’s successor will be split into two units: the 5DX for photographers and 5DC for videographers.

The gossips have also said that the cameras will be launched at Canon Expo 2015 or at PhotoPlus Expo 2015 this fall, while the 1D X Mark II is scheduled to be unveiled before that.

Such claims have been met with skepticism by trusted sources and Canon Rumors is now reporting that this information has few chances of becoming true. The EOS 5D Mark IV or however it is called will not be revealed so soon, while the specs are most likely an educated guess.

Canon 5D Mark III replacement is more than six months away

It is said that the launch of the 5D Mark IV is not imminent. This DSLR will not be announced in the next six months, which might mean that the shooter will become official sometime in March 2016.

canon-5ds-rumor Canon 5D Mark III replacement is not coming out soon Rumors

The successor to the Canon 5D Mark III will not be revealed in 2015, trusted source says.

As the introduction of the Canon 5D Mark III replacement is still far away, it is unlikely that the leaked specs of both the alleged 5DX and 5DC cameras are inaccurate. Detailed specs, like the ones leaked recently, do not become public knowledge when a device is many months away.

For the time being, there is no reason for you to hold your breath over this DSLR’s announcement. Nevertheless, we will keep you updated with the latest rumors and leaks, so stay tuned!

Definitely coming in 2015: EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM prime lens

Canon’s plans for the future include new products within the next four weeks. As you may remember, a lot of fuss has been made around a major product launch event scheduled for August 14, 2015. This was in the past and nothing new came along.

The fact that trusted sources missed this prediction means that we need to reconsider some rumors. At this point, we do not know whether the Rebel SL2 / EOS 150D is still coming soon.

The only product that will certainly be unveiled by the end of 2015 is the EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM lens. The existing model is available at Amazon for about $1,330, following a $150 rebate.

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