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Canon 5D Mark IV coming shortly before Photokina 2016


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Canon will allegedly name the 5D Mark III replacement as 5D Mark IV, while unveiling the DSLR sometime in August in order to be ready for the Photokina 2016 event.

Photographers waiting for the EOS 5D Mark III successor to show up in the near future will be disappointed to hear that the camera is not coming as soon as expected.

Sources said that Canon will reveal the DSLR after it begins shipping its flagship, the EOS 1D X Mark II. This remains true, however, the device will not become official immediately after the launch of its sibling.

Trusted sources are now reporting that the company will reveal it this summer. Additionally, it seems like its name will be 5D Mark IV, as the 5D X gossip talks were unfounded.

Canon to unveil the 5D Mark IV just in time for the Photokina 2016 event

It is still unclear whether Canon has been spreading false rumors for the past few years or not. Nevertheless, it is becoming clearer that a successor to the 5D Mark III will not be unveiled this month.

canon-5d-mark-iii-replacement-5d-mark-iv-rumors Canon 5D Mark IV coming shortly before Photokina 2016 Rumors

Canon 5D Mark III’s successor will be named EOS 5D Mark IV.

Even though it is expected to boast many exciting features aimed at videographers, the camera will not be present at NAB Show 2016, contrary to what has been the general consensus since the beginning of the year. Once again, we have to remind you that this is why rumors must be taken with a grain of salt.

The world’s biggest digital imaging event is on its way and it would be fitting place for the launch of one of the most important cameras in Canon’s line-up. At this point in time, it is said that the DSLR will be revealed in August, likely towards the end of the month, while Photokina 2016 visitors will be able to get a taste of the device before its shipping date.

There is no way that the DSLR will be called 5D X instead of 5D Mark IV

Another myth that needs to be debunked consists of the DSLR’s name. Some sources said that it will be called EOS 5D X, while a special video version will be released under the EOS 5D C name.

The naming scheme will actually follow its course, thus the 5D Mark III replacement will retail under the name of Canon 5D Mark IV, as stated above.

No new specifications have been mentioned. There is plenty of time until the DSLR gets announced, so stay tuned for further details!

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