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Canon 5D Mark IV launch date will not take place in 2015


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The Canon 5D Mark IV launch date is not scheduled to take place in the near future, as the rumor mill is once again stating that the DSLR has a long way to go before becoming official.

Canon was rumored to split the 5D-series into three models after the 5D Mark III’s end of life. The introduction of the 5DS and 5DS R big-megapixel DSLRs has shown that this is true. However, the Japan-based company has not announced the 5D Mark IV. This shooter was supposed to be available by now, but it seems like it will take a while before this happens. Sources are once again stating that the camera is now coming this year and that it will arrive on the market in the first quarter of 2016 at the earliest.

canon-5d-mark-iii-dslr Canon 5D Mark IV launch date will not take place in 2015 Rumors

Canon 5D Mark III DSLR camera will not be replaced by the end of 2015, as the 5D Mark IV is coming in Q1 2016.

Canon 5D Mark IV launch date set to occur in early 2016

A trusted source is reporting that the Canon 5D Mark IV launch date will occur after the unveiling of the EOS 1D X Mark II, which will become the flagship EOS DSLR.

The 1D X replacement may appear in late 2015, but the last few rumors have pointed out that the camera will most likely show up in early 2016.

Nevertheless, the EOS 5D Mark IV may also be revealed at the beginning of next year. This is what leaksters are stating, while adding that the next 5D-series DSLR will begin shipping by the end of Q1 2016.

New sensor with 4K video recording to be ready for the EOS 5D Mark IV

Regarding the specs list, nothing new has surfaced. Canon is testing multiple versions of the EOS 5D Mark IV and they are featuring full-frame image sensors with resolutions starting from 18 megapixels and ending somewhere around 28 megapixels.

Regardless of its sensor, the DSLR will be capable of recording videos at 4K resolution. This is one of the reasons why the camera is not coming to the market in late 2015. The C300 Mark II camcorder, which captures 4K videos, will become available in fall 2015 and Canon will not want to cannibalize its cameras.

The E-TTL III flash metering system will be added to the EOS 5D Mark IV as well as the to EOS 1D X Mark II. Finally, the DSLR will be powered by a new DIGIC image processor, but the source is unsure about its name.

In the meantime, stay tuned to Camyx in order to grab the latest news and rumors from the digital imaging world!

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