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Canon 5D Mark IV release date set for early February 2015


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The Canon 5D Mark IV release date is rumored to have been scheduled for early February 2015, while the company is also planning to launch another professional EOS DSLR camera around the same time.

One of the cameras which is almost sure to be poised for being replaced in 2015 is the Canon 5D Mark III. The shooter was revealed in early March 2012 and was released on the market in late March 2012.

Numerous tidbits regarding its successor have been heard throughout 2014, with most sources claiming that the device will be announced in 2015. As time went by, some insiders have pointed out that the DSLR will be introduced in early 2015.

Now, more gossip talks have appeared on the web, this time suggesting that the Canon 5D Mark IV release date is set for early February 2015.

canon-5d-mark-iii-successor Canon 5D Mark IV release date set for early February 2015 Rumors

Canon 5D Mark III has been around for more than two years. It is approaching its retirement, as the 5D Mark IV is rumored to be announced in February 2015.

Canon 5D Mark IV release date allegedly scheduled for the beginning of February 2015

The latest information about the EOS 5D Mark III replacement is allegedly coming from someone who is working at a Canon dealership. This person has received word that the shooter will be launched at the beginning of next February.

Canon is probably aiming to be ready to show off the product at the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2015, which takes place in mid-February in Japan.

If the Canon 5D Mark IV release date occurs at the start of February, then it means that the DSLR will be revealed sometime in January.

The Consumers Electronics Show 2015 will open its doors in early January, so we may be seeing the camera becoming official at one of the biggest trade fairs of its kind in Las Vegas.

“Another Canon Pro DSLR” to be announced within the same timeframe

Beside the 5D Mark IV, Canon is also rumored to work on the replacement for the 1D X. The flagship EOS camera was revealed in October 2011 and released in March 2012.

Its successor has been leaked under several names, such as Canon 1D X Mark II, 1Ds X, and 1D Xs. The source is noting that “another Canon Pro DSLR” will be introduced “around the same time”, with the 1D X follow-up being the safest bet at this point.

The Japan-based company is expected to announce the 6D Mark II as well, so it could turn out to be a very busy beginning of the year.

Because it is unlikely for all three shooters to become official at the same time, we are advising you to stay tuned in order to find out more details about Canon’s plans.

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