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Canon 5D Mark IV to have more video features than 1D X Mark II


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The rumor mill is once again chatting about the Canon 5D Mark IV in order to confirm that the previous details about its announcement are correct, while stating that the DSLR camera will offer better features for videographers than the EOS 1D X Mark II.

The story of the 5D Mark III replacement seems like a never-ending saga, but trusted sources are assuring us that it will all come to an end soon. Canon will finally reveal a successor by the end of April 2016, just like previously rumored.

Several improvements will be made to the 5D Mark III when it comes to its specifications. Plenty of them will be focused on the videography side of the 5D Mark IV in order to continue the tradition of its predecessor.

It will all be done in order to make sure that the next-generation 5D-series DSLR will offer better video features than the recently-announced 1D X Mark II.

Canon’s 5D Mark IV to offer 1D X Mark II-like dynamic range and ISO performance

It has been a long time since the 5D Mark IV entered the rumor mill. However, we will focus on more recent information, which is now being confirmed by more and more sources.

canon-5d-mark-iv-rumors Canon 5D Mark IV to have more video features than 1D X Mark II Rumors

The successor of the 5D Mark III will continue the tradition and will offer plenty of useful features for filmmakers.

Canon will add a new sensor into the upcoming DSLR. It will have more megapixels, but not a lot more. The increase is described as “moderate”, so it might not reach 28 megapixels, as some unproven sources said in the past.

However, the sensor will have increased dynamic range and a higher maximum ISO sensitivity. The camera is said to offer 1D X Mark II-level DR and ISO performance and it will be great to see the Japanese company pulling this one off.

Its announcement date will take place after the 1D X Mark II becomes available. The flagship EOS DSLR will begin shipping around mid-April, so the 5D Mark III successor is coming towards the end of next month.

Next-generation 5D-series DSLR will have better video features than the 1D X Mark II

When it becomes official, the 5D Mark IV will present itself as a camera designed for videographers. Although the 1D X Mark II records 4K videos, it seems like this device will also shoot movies at this resolution and will be better at it.

Reports are suggesting that there will be other features aimed at cinematography fans added into the DSLR. It is unclear what these features are, but filmmakers are Canon’s target when it comes to this device.

The source is reporting that the Japanese manufacturer changed its 5DMK4 plans in early 2015 when it decided to add more video capabilities into the device.

The National Association of Broadcasters Show 2016 is on its way. It begins on April 16 and, while the camera will most likely not be unveiled at the event, Canon will reveal some information about the DSLR to some insiders. Hopefully, a lot of more details will be leaked, so stay tuned to find them out!

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