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Canon 5D Mark IVc coming alongside the 5D Mark IV


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Canon is once again rumored to announce two replacements for the EOS 5D Mark III camera. The upcoming models are said to be called 5D Mark IV and 5D Mark IVc, the latter being aimed at videographers.

Over and over again, Canon has revealed that it is quite fond of providing improved features for professional and amateur videographers. Beside the 5D Mark IV, the company has already been rumored to be working on another 5D-series DSLR that will be more video-oriented than its sibling.

It was said that the 1D C might not be replaced at all, meaning that the Japan-based manufacturer would focus on a 5D X camera with high-end videography tools. Similar rumors have just been leaked and they include some specifications along with a new name: 5D Mark IVc.

canon-5d-mark-ivc-discussion Canon 5D Mark IVc coming alongside the 5D Mark IV Rumors

Canon may replace the 5D Mark III with two cameras: 5D Mark IV and 5D Mark IVc.

Canon to launch videography version of the 5D Mark IV called 5D Mark IVc

Canon has recently split the 5D-series into more models. The 5D Mark III, which will be replaced in 2015, has been joined by the 5DS and 5DS R big-megapixel DSLRs competing against Nikon’s D810.

The future may include two models to replace the 5D Mark III. According to the rumor mill, the 5D Mark IV will be introduced alongside the Canon 5D Mark IVc, which will have a different specs list when compared to its sibling.

Leaked Canon 5D Mark IVc specs

The videography version will have an 18-megapixel full frame sensor with an ISO range between 100 and 204,800. The camera will record 4K videos and will offer a 61-point autofocus system with Dual Pixel CMOS AF III technology.

Additionally, it will include dual-channel readout support, a feature introduced in the EOS C300 Mark II allowing the camera to read the data from the sensor a lot faster than previous EOS camcorders.

The frame rate of the Canon 5D Mark IVc has not been determined at this time due to overheating issues. Once the company manages to sort them out or not, the source may reveal this information as well.

Regular 5D Mark IV version will have different specs than the videography model

On the other hand, the manufacturer will replace the 5D Mark III with the 5D Mark IV and this will probably compete against the Nikon D750. It will feature a 28-megapixel sensor with a burst mode of 12fps. It will not support 4K videos, instead it will record videos at up to full HD resolution.

The DSLR will have an ISO sensitivity between 100 and 204,800, which will be expandable up to 409,600. Canon will put the 5DS / 5DS R crop mode and the 7D Mark II anti-flicker technology into the 5D Mark IV.

The weirdness of this rumor comes from the fact that the 5D Mark IV will not have the same autofocus system as the 5D Mark IVc, which is taken from the 5DS / 5DS R. So far, the leakster says that it will support Dual Pixel CMOS AF III technology and that it will be better than the one available in the 5D Mark III.

Either way, the cameras are expected to show up sometime in late summer. Until then, do not jump to conclusions and stay tuned!

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