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Canon 5DX rumored to replace the 5D Mark III


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Canon is rumored to name the 5D Mark III replacement as 5DX instead of calling it 5D Mark IV, as previously reported.

The fate of the EOS 5D series is still unknown to the rumor mill. There have been numerous reports regarding Canon’s upcoming replacement for the 5D Mark III. So far, the rumor mill has got it right when it comes to splitting the EOS 5D series.

The 5DS and 5DS R are official, but they are not the true successors to the 5D Mark III. This place has been rumored to be reserved for the 5D Mark IV, which would be introduced sometime in 2016. However, a new rumor is stating that the 5D Mark III replacement will not be referred to as the 5D Mark IV, as the company has decided to call it 5DX.

canon-5dx-rumors Canon 5DX rumored to replace the 5D Mark III Rumors

Canon 5D Mark III might be replaced by a DSLR called Canon 5DX.

Canon will call 5D Mark III successor as 5DX

For a long time, the general consensus was that the 5D Mark III successor will be called 5D Mark IV. However, in February 2015, a source claimed that there is a possibility for the DSLR to go by the name of Canon 5DX.

A different source is now spreading similar gossip talks. The upcoming model will be named 5DX instead of becoming the Mark IV version of the original 5D.

In addition to the name confirmation, Canon to rename 5D Mark IV into 5DX a couple of specifications. It appears that the image sensor will be clocked at around 28 megapixels, while the DSLR will be powered by a DIGIC 6+ image processor.

The DIGIC 6+ processor will be an enhanced version of the current DIGIC 6, while the 28-megapixel sensor will be an improvement of a few megapixels when compared to the 5D Mark III’s 22.3-megapixel sensor.

Why call it Canon 5DX instead of 5D Mark IV?

The source has decided to reveal why Canon has decided to go with 5DX instead of 5D Mark IV. The company has chosen the “S” line to be aimed at landscape and studio photographers, and it seems like the camera maker wants to also use a letter for naming the other part of the 5D series. Since fans are used to it, “X” has been chosen as the perfect name for event and sports photographers.

DSLRs with high-resolution sensors, such as the 5D S and 5DS R, are ideal for landscape and portrait photography where it is important to grab as many details as possible. On the other hand, the Canon 5DX will have a lower-resolution sensor and it will be designed with speed in mind.

Nevertheless, an official confirmation is still many months away, as the 5D Mark III replacement is coming out in 2016. Either way, it makes a lot more sense to give up on roman numerals following the 5D series split than to keep going down this path.

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