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Canon 60D price goes down amid EOS 70D rumors


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The Canon 60D price has dropped by an extra $100, fueling the recent rumors suggesting that a replacement, the EOS 70D, is coming in just a few days.

Canon 70D will replace the EOS 60D this year. All voices are singing the same song and everybody agrees that it is the perfect time for this camera to show up on the market with new and exciting features for photographers and videographers around the world.

canon-60d-price-drop Canon 60D price goes down amid EOS 70D rumors Rumors

Canon 60D’s price went down by $100. Meanwhile, sources claim that the EOS 70D announcement is imminent and that everything will become clear in the next few days.

Canon 60D price plunges, while EOS 70D rumors are intensifying

Since most xxD cameras are coming in August, it is said that the trend will continue this year. The Canon 70D will go on sale in August, but the announcement will happen sometime in the following days, says the most recent rumor.

Usually, rumors are backed up by some piece of important evidence. This time, it is the turn of a price drop to hint that a substitution is on its way. Amazon has now set the Canon 60D price to $599, which represents $100 less than just a couple of days ago.

This may not seem like an important decrease, but the EOS 60D is certainly no pushover and it is now available for $300 less than at launch time. A 30% drop is significant and more discounts will definitely come soon, as retailers will try to tip the balance into their favor.

Canon 70D to be sold with EF-S 18-55mm IS STM and EF-S 18-135mm IS STM lens kits

Japanese sources say that the next Canon camera will consist of the 70D. Moreover, the camera will become available with two lens kits, specifically, the EF-S 18-55mm IS STM and EF-S 18-135mm IS STM.

It is worth noting that its predecessor, the EOS 60D, is available with bundles consisting of 18-135mm and 18-200mm lenses, so this means that the company will adopt a different strategy.

Information coming from Japan also says that a BG-E14 battery grip will be released for photographers and that all these details have been provided by sources who have been right in the past.

As stated above, Amazon is selling the EOS 60D with a discounted price of $599, while more news about the 70D are expected in the near future. Stay tuned to Camyx to find them out!

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