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Canon 6D firmware update 1.1.3 released for download


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Canon has released a firmware update for the 6D, fixing an issue which has been troubling photographers for a long time.

Canon has delivered a minor firmware update for the EOS 6D. The DSLR camera has had an annoying bug, which caused the date settings to appear on the screen oftentimes, even though the user had already configured these details.

canon-6d-firmware-update-1.1.3 Canon 6D firmware update 1.1.3 released for download News and Reviews

Canon 6D firmware update 1.1.3 fixes a bug which caused the Date / Time / Zone configuration screen to appear, even though these details had been already set.

Canon 6D firmware update 1.1.3 available for download now

Canon 6D firmware update 1.1.3 is available only for the aforementioned camera, regardless of its current firmware. The Japan-based company confirmed that users do not have to install the 1.1.2 update prior to the 1.1.3 installation because it incorporates all the fixes and features found in the previous versions.

The firmware can be easily installed through the usual procedure. Photographers can download the .ZIP file from Canon’s official servers and then extract it. The resulting .FIR file will be copied on an SD card, while the storage accessory will be inserted into the camera.

From here, it gets easier, but owners should make sure that the battery is full. It would not hurt to keep the fully-charged battery inserted for one hour into the camera, so that its backup system gets recharged as well.

Anyway, after installing the Canon 6D firmware update 1.1.3, the Date / Time / Zone configuration screen would not appear again, if the settings were previously introduced.

Canon 5D Mark III firmware update release date is still “late April”

On a side note, Canon has confirmed that the 5D Mark III is on track to receive a firmware update by the end of the month.

Last year, it was reported that the Canon 5D Mark III is experiencing issues while trying to focus when used in combination with a Speedlight AF Assist Beam.

The Japanese company has officially acknowledged the problem and it has promised a fix. Moreover, the corporation announced that the sought-after fix will become available for download in late April.

At the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2013, Canon’s Chuck Westfall revealed that the firmware will be pushed to photographers as expected. The upgrade should also provide the ability of capturing uncompressed videos when the shooter is connected to an external recorder through the HDMI-out port.

Other information has not been disclosed by Westfall, though 5D Mark III users should not expect too many other features. It is very likely that Canon will merely add several bug fixes to the changelog, but the photographers will have to be patient just a couple of more weeks.

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