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Canon 6D Mark II rumored to feature Dual Pixel technology


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The Canon 6D Mark II has been mentioned within the rumor mill for the first time, courtesy of a trusted source claiming that the DSLR camera will employ a tilting screen and Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology.

Now that Canon has introduced the 7D Mark II, the void created in the rumor mill must be taken by another camera. A strong candidate is the big megapixel EOS shooter, which is said to be up for launch in October, but sources have just proposed another option.

According to CanonWatch, the Japan-based company is already working on its future shooters and the list includes a replacement for the 6D full frame DSLR. The camera is referred to as 6D Mark II and it is said to come packed with Dual Pixel CMOS AF system and a tilting display.

canon-6d-back Canon 6D Mark II rumored to feature Dual Pixel technology Rumors

Canon 6D, launched in September 2012, does not feature a tilting display on its back. However, its replacement, called 6D Mark II, is rumored to employ such feature.

Canon 6D Mark II will allegedly feature Dual Pixel CMOS AF and a tilting screen

The EOS 6D was unveiled at Photokina 2014 as a competitor for the Nikon D600. It sits at the bottom of Canon’s full frame DSLR line-up, so lots of people have wondered why a successor has not been announced this year, as lower-end devices tend to be replaced more often that higher-end models.

Regardless of the answer, the Canon 6D Mark II is said to be in development. Although a specific launch timeline has not been provided, it appears that the camera’s specs list will definitely include Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology.

First introduced in the 70D, the second-generation Dual Pixel AF has also been added to the 7D Mark II. It is unclear whether the same version will be brought into the 6D Mark II or a newer version will take its place.

Canon is betting big on videography features and, as a result, it will also put a tilting screen into its full frame DSLR. Dual Pixel AF is handy only when using Live View mode, therefore the tiltable display will allow videographers to capture movies from unconventional angles.

Dual Pixel technology to make its way into the Canon 5D Mark IV, too

In addition to the 6D successor, Canon is working on the 5D Mark IV. This shooter has been rumored before, when sources have pointed out that it should offer 4K video recording.

In order to provide even more videography features, the 5D Mark III replacement will sport Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology. However, the presence of a tilting screen has not been confirmed, yet.

Although the Canon 5D Mark IV is allegedly coming sometime in 2015, the release date of the 6D Mark II remains unknown. Meanwhile, take these details with a large grain of salt and stay tuned for more!

Amazon is selling the Canon 6D for a price a little under $1,700, courtesy of a $200 rebate.

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