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Canon 70D release date is at least six weeks away


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The Canon 70D release date is at least “six weeks away”, sources say, which makes it possible for the DSLR to be introduced in August, just like many other cameras in the same XXD series.

Canon has been rumored to announce a replacement for the EOS 60D for a very long time. First it was end of March, then end of April, and then there was nothing, as the camera is not here and there are little chances it will make an appearance sometime over the next few weeks.

canon-70d-release-date-rumors Canon 70D release date is at least six weeks away Rumors

Canon 60D’s replacement is at least six weeks apart from us, sources say. The Canon 70D will most likely show up on the market in the same period as its predecessors, meaning that August 2013 is its probable launch date.

Canon 70D release date is actually farther than previously expected

According to sources familiar with the matter, the Canon 70D release date is at least six weeks away. The rumor mill says that people who have been right in the past claim that there is no way the camera will be launched this May.

Additionally, it means that the EOS 70D will be launched on the market sometime after mid-June 2013. Unfortunately, Canon is not usually making announcements around that timeframe, as it is prefers to keep its products hidden until August.

“August” is the favorite month of Canon’s XXD series

It is believed that the August 2013 announcement date for the Canon 70D fits everything perfectly, as four XXD cameras have been introduced in August as well. The list includes the EOS 20D, EOS 40D, EOS 50D, and EOS 60D.

The DSLR’s release date would be scheduled immediately after launch, since Canon likes to push its shooters to the market shortly after their official announcement.

Cashback plan in Germany confirms August 2013 announcement date

Moreover, this statement is backed up by the fact that Canon is planning a special rebate plan for a period between May 1 and July 31.

The discounts will be available in Germany, but they are including the 7D and 60D, which means that it is very unlikely that Canon will launch both the 7D Mark II and 70D by the end of July.

Canon EOS 70D specs list still scarce, but enough to give you an idea

Most sources agree that the EOS 70D will be a “major improvement” over its predecessor. However, its list of specs is contradictory, suggesting that Canon is actively testing more versions of the shooter.

Canon 70D rumors have implied that the DSLR will feature an 18 or 21-megapixel image sensor, DIGIC 6 processing engine with 6.5 frames per second in continuous mode, WiFi, GPS, a single card slot, and 3.2-inch LCD touchscreen.

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