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Canon 750D to be called 760D to avoid Nikon D750 confusion?


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Canon will announce an EOS 700D replacement on February 6, which was supposed to be called EOS 750D. However, a source says that it will be named EOS 760D in order to prevent a name confusion with the Nikon D750.

A major product launch event is expected to take place on February 6. Canon will hold it in order to reveal a few new products, including DSLRs, compacts, a mirrorless camera, and a lens.

Among the rumored products we can find the EOS 700D successor. Sources have said that the company will follow the original naming scheme of the xxxD series, which would have meant that the camera would be called EOS 750D. However, Canon feels like this would create a name confusion, so it will avert it by referring to the camera as EOS 760D.

canon-eos-700d Canon 750D to be called 760D to avoid Nikon D750 confusion? Rumors

The Canon EOS 700D replacement will be called EOS 760D instead of EOS 750D in order to avoid a name confusion with the Nikon D750.

Canon 750D will actually be called EOS 760D to prevent Nikon D750 name confusion

We are getting closer to Canon’s February 6 announcement event. As usual, a lot more details are being leaked online just before such major shows.

The latest piece of information to come out on the web is concerning the Canon 750D. It appears that this is not the name of the DSLR. The shooter will actually be called 760D.

It is rumored that the company has taken this decision in order to avert a name confusion with one of Nikon’s most recent DSLRs: the D750.

Although the D750 is a full frame DSLR and targeted at different types of customers than the EOS 700D replacement, Canon does not want to risk anything. As a result, the camera will be called EOS 760D.

Nevertheless, the naming scheme on Japanese and North American markets will remain unchanged. This means that the EOS 760D will be called Kiss X8i in Japan and Rebel T6i in North America, respectively.

Known Canon 760D details round-up

A lot of things have been said about the Canon 760D. The DSLR has been spotted in a promotional video of the Connect Station CS100.

At the time, it was revealed that the shooter would employ a switch lever and a secondary display on top, making people believe that it is actually the EOS 70D replacement, called EOS 80D.

However, the lack of an AF-On button has made other people believe that it will not be the EOS 80D. Instead, the product in question will be revealed as the EOS 750D / Rebel T6i / Kiss X8i.

Other sources have pointed out the fact that the leaked DSLR will actually be placed between the 70D and 700D series. However, this rumor is most likely inaccurate.

Eventually, when the first Canon 750D specs have showed up online, it has been said that the camera will be released in two versions: EOS 750D and EOS 760D. This goes to show that the name has been mentioned before.

The whole truth will be revealed on February 6, so stay tuned!

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