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Canon 7D Mark II, 750D, and 150D DSLRs delayed until Q3 2014


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Canon is rumored to have delayed the replacements for the EOS 7D, 700D, and 100D DSLR cameras due to alleged “manufacturing issues”.

One of the most sought-after DSLR cameras in the world has to be the Canon 7D Mark II. The company’s top DSLR with an APS-C sensor was released back in 2009 with numerous exciting features.

Although it is considered a high-end device, there is no point in denying that a replacement is long overdue. This year should have begun with the launch of the 7D successor, but trusted sources have revealed that the 7D MK2 is coming sometime in May.

There are two weeks left until May 2014 and it seems like this prediction will not turn into a reality. The latest inside information is claiming that Canon has had to delay the announcement plans due to a manufacturing issue with the new Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology.

Canon 7D Mark II release date delayed due to “manufacturing issues”

canon-eos-7d Canon 7D Mark II, 750D, and 150D DSLRs delayed until Q3 2014 Rumors

A replacement for the Canon EOS 7D is rumored to have been delayed until Q3 2014 due to manufacturing problems.

All sources have agreed that the Canon 7D Mark II will come packed with Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, first introduced in the Canon 70D.

It appears that the company has been working on the next-gen Dual Pixel system, which will become available in the 7D MK2 for the first time. However, the Japanese camera maker has encountered a problem with the manufacturing process caused by a shortage of sensor chips.

Sources are saying that the company has been planning on having “sufficient” sensors at its disposal at a decent price-performance ratio. Apparently, this is no longer the case, so the 7D Mark II and the improved version of the Dual Pixel CMOS system have been delayed until Q3 2014.

Canon 750D and Canon 150D DSLR cameras postponed due to the same problems

People familiar with the matter are currently claiming that no less than three Canon DSLRs have been supposed to become official in Q2 2014, including the 7D Mark II.

The Canon 700D replacement was said to be one of them. It should have been called Canon 750D and should have offered a lower-end Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology. However, the manufacturing issue is affecting this device as well, so we will only see it launched sometime in July, August, or September this year.

The third camera with a May 2014 launch date should have been the Canon 100D successor. Its alleged retail name is Canon 150D, while the Dual Pixel CMOS AF system is said to be identical to the one in the 750D version.

Canon may yet reveal a new DSLR during the second quarter. However, the company’s fans are advised to remain patient and look towards the third quarter with more hope.

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