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Canon 7D Mark II to be announced in March 2014


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The Canon 7D Mark II is now rumored to be announced sometime around mid-March 2014 as a replacement for the aging EOS 7D.

Canon is in no hurry to introduce a replacement for the EOS 7D. The DSLR is competing against the Nikon D300S and it is “destroying” it when it comes to sales. Most professionals agree that the EOS shooter is much better than the DX one, so in this case it is natural that it attracts more customers.

Nikon has not revealed the D400, although some people have claimed that it is coming this fall. However, it is very likely that the high-end APS-C is coming in 2014. This has allowed Canon to prepare for the 7D Mark II launch in a much better way, despite the fact that this device has been said to become available in 2013, too.

canon-eos-7d Canon 7D Mark II to be announced in March 2014 Rumors

Canon EOS 7D is rumored to be replaced by the 7D Mark II DSLR camera in March 2014.

Canon poised to introduce EOS 7D Mark II camera in mid-March 2014

Either way, these two products have not been introduced this year and there are 99% chances that the situation will not change. Nevertheless, 2014 will come with a lot of surprises. According to the rumor mill, the Canon 7D Mark II launch date will occur sometime around mid-March 2014.

As usual, the apparatus is expected to become available on the market close after its launch, so it would not be a surprise if it were to appear on store shelves as soon as late March 2014 or very early April 2014.

Canon 7D Mark II to feature 70D-like Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology

There are no new specs to report, but we can compile a features sheet with the information we have gathered in the past. The Canon 7D Mark II will come packed with a 20-megapixel or 24-megapixel sensor that will offer Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, just like the EOS 70D.

Photographers will have access to a 5D Mark III-like AF system consisting of 61 AF points. It will be powered by a Dual DIGIC V+ image processor and will be a weathersealed camera with high-grade materials, just like its full frame siblings.

The Japanese company will probably target wildlife and sports photographers, therefore the DSLR will employ a continuous shooting mode of up to 12 frames per second. Unfortunately, it will feature only one SD card slot.

Flagship APS-C EOS DSLR camera to retail for $2,000

Photographers who will purchase the EOS 7DMK2 will buy a camera that will perform very good in low-light conditions and one which will provide “innovative video” tools.

Moreover, WiFi and GPS will allow users to share their geo-tagged photos, which is always a nice feature. As for the price, it is said to revolve around $2,000, so, if you are keeping tabs on this camera, then you should start saving some money.

For the sake of it, it is worth noting that the 7D is available for $1,299 at Amazon.

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