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Upcoming Canon 7D Mark II firmware update to fix autofocus issues


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Canon is rumored to be working on a firmware update for the EOS 7D Mark II DSLR which will be released sometime next week in order to solve the camera’s autofocus issues.

A photographer noticed that his 7D Mark II was experiencing some problems with the autofocus system. The best thing to do in these cases is to have it serviced by Canon itself. Danzq from Canon Rumors’ forums says that the company has changed some parts of the DSLR in an attempt to fix the issues.

However, the AF drive in Danzq’s camera was still not functioning properly and the service folks told him that they were waiting for further test results. He asked whether or not this consists of a firmware update and they told him that a new firmware is indeed under development and that it would be released next week.

canon-7d-mark-ii Upcoming Canon 7D Mark II firmware update to fix autofocus issues Rumors

Some Canon 7D Mark II units have problems with the autofocus and Canon will fix them by releasing a firmware update soon.

Canon 7D Mark II firmware update coming soon with autofocus fixes

The EOS 7D Mark II was introduced as the flagship EF-S-mount DSLR in anticipation of the Photokina 2014 event. The shooter replaced a 5-year-old 7D with several new features. However, all devices encounter glitches once they are used in mass, so some users have quickly discovered that their units were having problems with the autofocus.

Speculation said that this was most likely a firmware issue instead of a hardware one. Unfortunately, Canon has not managed to fix the problems so far and a firmware update has not been released.

Thankfully, things may change by the end of April 2015, as a 7D Mark II owner is reporting that the company will launch a firmware sometime next week.

CR forums users Danzq has sent his unit for repair at an authorized service and, after having some parts of his camera changed, the focus issues have been found to be still there.

The user checked in with the service guys to find out what the status of his camera is and they told him that they are still waiting for the results of more tests. When asking them if it is about a new firmware, the answer was positive and they told him that a Canon 7D Mark II firmware update will be released “early next week”.

This could mean that the update will be a global one and that it will fix the AF issues of all affected 7DMk2 users. Meanwhile, the 7D Mark II is available at Amazon for $1,699 and it has a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.

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