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Canon 7D Mark II rumor: camera will feature mutated 70D sensor


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A new Canon 7D Mark II rumor is making the internet rounds, revealing that the camera will be powered by a modified 70D image sensor with Dual Pixel AF technology support.

Canon’s upcoming EOS 7D Mark II has to be one of the most rumored cameras of 2013. Although people are revealing that there are “zero chances” for this shooter to be released on the market by the end of this year, a lot of sources are leaking a lot of information about it.

canon-7d-mark-ii-rumor Canon 7D Mark II rumor: camera will feature mutated 70D sensor Rumors

Latest Canon 7D Mark II rumor says that the DSLR camera will feature a modified 70D sensor, but Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology will be there.

New Canon 7D Mark II rumor says that the camera will feature an altered 70D sensor

Despite this fact, it is time for a new Canon 7D Mark II rumor. A trusted source is reporting that the DSLR will be indeed powered by a Dual Pixel CMOS AF image sensor. However, it will not be identical to the one found in the recently-introduced EOS 70D.

It appears that the Japanese company will modify the sensor, in order to meet the demands of “prosumer” photographers.

The 7D Mark II will offer enhanced video capabilities, as well as an improved buffer to capture more frames per second in burst mode. The latter feature is regarded as very useful by wildlife and action photographers. It will allow the camera to have the edge over the Nikon D400, which is rumored to replace the D300S soon.

Canon 7D Mark II to capture up to 12 frames per second in continuous mode

According to the latest information, the EOS 7D Mark II will come packed with an APS-C sensor with about 20-megapixel in image quality, Dual Pixel technology, ISO range between 100 and 25,600, brand new autofocus system, and really good video recording performance.

One of the most important specifications is the ability to capture 12 frames per second in burst mode. Nevertheless, Canon might limit this feature in order to avoid any issues, so it is very likely that the option will be restricted to only 10fps.

Still no chances for the EOS 7D Mark II to be launched in 2013

Canon will release the 7D Mark II in 2014. This is what most sources are saying, therefore it has to be true. There is actual evidence to prove this, including the fact that the current 7D is selling better than the Nikon D300S.

Moreover, Nikon has not launched the D400, which should serve as the D300S replacement, although it is losing the war in the high-end APS-C photography department.

In the meantime, the Canon 7D can be purchased for $1,299 at Amazon, while the D300S costs $1,619.97.

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