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More Canon 7D Mark II rumors hint at redesigned top plate


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Even more Canon 7D Mark II rumors are circling around the web, as the DSLR camera is rumored to replace the Canon 7D this August with a set of new and exciting features.

Not a single week goes by without any new details about the Canon 7D Mark II. Its predecessor, a model that is still on sale even if it has been introduced five years ago, is rumored to be nearing the end of its life.

More and more sources are reporting that the Canon 7D will be discontinued by the end of June. Moreover, other sources are leaking information about the upcoming DSLR. Over the weekend, new Canon 7D Mark II rumors have surfaced, providing a few more details about the sought-after camera.

canon-7d-top-plate More Canon 7D Mark II rumors hint at redesigned top plate Rumors

Canon 7D top plate also includes a mode dial. Its replacement, the 7D Mark II, is said to feature a new design with a flat top plate without a mode dial and a larger bump in the viewfinder area.

Latest Canon 7D Mark II rumors point at new viewfinder with 100% coverage

Canon is rumored to add a brand new optical viewfinder into the 7D Mark II when compared to the 7D. The new model will sport a 100% coverage with an impressive magnification rate of 1.15x.

To put things into perspective, the EOS 7D is offering a viewfinder with a 98% coverage and 1x magnification rate. This would obviously be an improvement, although it is worth noting that the details are coming from a new source, therefore it would be hard to jump into conclusions right away.

More hints that Canon 7D’s replacement will sport redesigned top plate

Furthermore, the Canon 7D Mark II will feature a different top plate from the current model. It appears that the bump which engulfs the optical viewfinder will be larger, thus standing out a lot more than before.

This information comes after a source has pointed out the fact that the next-generation flagship APS-C camera will sport a design inspired by the original EOS-1. The design will include a flat top plate which will not include a mode dial.

The Japan-based manufacturer is said to have paid a lot of attention to the design, so it will be interesting to see just how big the change will be.

Canon 7D Mark II rumored specs round-up

Previous details have revealed that the Canon 7D Mark II will come packed with WiFi and GPS. Photographers will not have to make any separate purchases to make use of these features, so they will be able to take control over the camera using a smartphone as well as geo-tag their photos.

The DSLR will sport a built-in flash, making us even more curious to see the final product. It should be an exciting summer so stick with us!

Meanwhile, the Canon 7D still does not know the meaning of a significant price reduction as it continues to be available at Amazon for around $1,300.

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