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Canon 7D Mark II release date scheduled for October 2014


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Canon 7D Mark II release date is rumored to have been scheduled for October 2014, following the DSLR camera’s official announcement that will take place sometime in August 2014.

The most rumored camera of recent times is once again an important part of our day. The rumor mill has managed to grab some more details about the Canon 7D replacement, which is poised to be unveiled in August this year.

This time, sources familiar with the matter have revealed that the Canon 7D Mark II release date has been set for October. Furthermore, the source has singled out the fact that this is “something really big”, so we might witness history in the making this summer.

canon-7d-mark-ii-release-date Canon 7D Mark II release date scheduled for October 2014 Rumors

Canon 7D Mark II is rumored to have been scheduled for an October 2014 release date.

Canon 7D Mark II release date rumored to be set for October 2014

Canon will allegedly introduce the EOS 7D Mark II in August. One of the likeliest days is said to be August 18, but it is still too early to give an exact announcement date. This means that you will have to take this information with a grain of salt.

On a previous basis we have found out that the DSLR will be revealed to pro-grade dealers this July. This fact has not changed in the meantime. However, the upcoming successor to the EOS 7D is poised to be the company’s “biggest change in history”.

Although the source refuses to call it 7D Mark II, it will definitely become the flagship EOS camera with an APS-C image sensor. It will be the first step in the company’s attempt to completely reshape its DSLR line-up, so we will see some of its novelties added into Canon’s future shooters, such as the 1D X Mark II and 5D Mark IV.

Canon 7D successor might feature a hybrid viewfinder

The source has confirmed a bunch of separate reports, which said that the Canon 7D Mark II will come packed with a brand new image sensor technology. Additionally, there are no details about the possibility of a Foveon-like sensor, therefore we can already assume that this is no longer a viable rumor.

On the other hand, the new DSLR camera will sport more megapixels than we are used to seeing in a Canon shooter. A similar rumor has been posted recently, so we can finally say that the 7D replacement is beginning to take shape.

There are some words about the possibility of a hybrid viewfinder. This has been heard in the past, while some fresh details have suggested that the bump around the 7D Mark II’s viewfinder will be bigger. Meanwhile, the Canon 7D is priced at around $1,300 at Amazon.

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