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Canon 7D Mark II allegedly spotted at the 2014 World Cup


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The Canon 7D Mark II has allegedly been spotted at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil in the hands of a photographer who is always sitting in the same place with a covered DSLR camera.

There is no point in denying that the Canon 7D Mark II is the most rumored camera in history. So many gossip talks have been spoken and so many speculations have showed up on the web that industry watchers have almost grown tired of them all.

Unfortunately, Canon has not unveiled the shooter during the second quarter of 2014, as previously rumored. Moreover, it seems like the device will not be coming in August, as its announcement date has been set for early September.

Before the start of the 2014 World Cup, sources familiar with the matter have claimed that the Canon 7D Mark II will be tested at this major sporting event. The device has not been captured on camera so far, but an interesting image has showed up on the web over the weekend.

canon-7d-mark-ii-world-cup Canon 7D Mark II allegedly spotted at the 2014 World Cup Rumors

This photographer is allegedly testing a Canon 7D Mark II at the 2014 World Cup.

Curious eyes have discovered a photographer that always sits in the same place on a field. In order to make things more interesting, his gear appears to be a Canon kit and it is always thoroughly covered, making people believe that this is truly Canon’s upcoming flagship APS-C camera.

Canon 7D Mark II might have been caught in action during the 2014 World Cup

It rained during many matches at the 2014 World Cup. However, the weather has mostly been rain-free, so there has been little need to cover your camera, especially considering the fact that high-end shooters are weathersealed.

Nevertheless, a photographer using a Canon DSLR camera has always shrouded his gear, despite benefiting from relatively good weather.

Either way, the last time people said that the photographer has been spotted in Brazil was during the Germany vs Algeria game. Light rain has fallen down, however, no other photographer has covered his camera during the game.

The 7D Mark II will be weathersealed, so people are agreeing that the photographer is hiding something special. As stated above, he may be one of the testers of the 7D replacement, which will be announced this September.

Canon 7D price reduced at major retailers

In the meantime, the Canon 7D price tag has been reduced to a little under $1,000. The DSLR camera is available for $999 at Amazon and it may be on the verge of being discontinued.

This fact has been speculated for a while now and, coupled with the price reduction, it would not be a surprise to see it out of stock in no time. Stay tuned to find out how this story unfolds!

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