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Canon 7D officially discontinued by Amazon


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Amazon has officially listed the Canon 7D as “discontinued”, suggesting that the DSLR camera will be replaced by a newer model in the near future, just like the rumor mill has predicted.

It has been rumored numerous times before, so it was bound to happen at some point. The Canon 7D DSLR has finally been discontinued. Sources have previously said that it will happen by the end of June.

Well, the prediction has turned into a reality one month later, as the flagship EOS camera with an APS-C sensor is now listed as “discontinued” at Amazon, while other retailers are expected to follow the same path soon.

Amazon now listing Canon 7D as “discontinued”

canon-7d-discontinued Canon 7D officially discontinued by Amazon News and Reviews

Canon 7D listed as discontinued at Amazon.

At the beginning of June, an unnamed source claimed that Canon will stop manufacturing the EOS 7D in June in order to make room for a successor.

In early July, when the camera was not listed as discontinued, the price of the DSLR has been reduced by a couple of hundred dollars, once again signalling the end of 7D’s life.

The inevitable has finally happened, meaning that the Canon 7D’s life cycle is over. The device is available for about $980 at Amazon until stocks last. As soon as the stocks are gone, they will not be replenished.

This means that if you want to buy a very good camera, now it is the perfect time to do it.

Canon 7D Mark II set to be unveiled on September 5

The Canon 7D replacement will be announced in early September. Trusted sources have pinpointed September 5 as the most likely launch event for this product.

It will be revealed just in time for the Photokina 2014, the biggest digital imaging fair in the world, which takes places in Cologne, Germany starting September 16.

The so-called Canon 7D Mark II will definitely be present at the event, where the Japan-based company will amaze the visitors with the cutting-edge technologies that are rumored to be added into the shooter.

7D Mark II DSLR camera rumored to be as innovative as its predecessor

Canon first introduced the EOS 7D camera on September 1, 2009. It has enjoyed one of the most extended life cycles in the digital world.

The 7D has been regarded as an innovative camera and many of its features have been added in future Canon DSLRs.

The same thing is expected from the 7D Mark II, although people are speculating that there is no way for the upcoming camera to live for five years, like its predecessor.

Either way, we should wait for its announcement before speculating any further, so stay tuned for more details!

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