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Canon 8K camera to be displayed at NAB Show 2016


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Canon has officially confirmed that it will show “working 8K cameras and 8K displays” at the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2016, reigniting the rumors about the EOS C500 replacement.

The National Association of Broadcasters is one of the biggest annual events when it comes to cinematography, filmmaking, broadcasting, and television.

At this show, a lot of digital imaging companies are revealing their newest video-centric products, including cameras, camcorders, lenses, and accessories.

It is a major event and top products are expected to be showcased. One company which has some surprises in tow for the NAB Show 2016 is Canon. The manufacturer has confirmed that it will demonstrate the capabilities of 8K cameras and displays at the upcoming event.

Working Canon 8K camera to be showcased during NAB Show 2016

Tim Smith is a Senior Advisor of Film and TV Production at Canon. He was recently interviewed by the NAB Hub, as part of promoting the show. Several interesting details have been given during the interview, but the most exciting of them is the confirmation of a Canon 8K camera.

tim-smith-canon-8k-camera Canon 8K camera to be displayed at NAB Show 2016 News and Reviews

Canon’s Tim Smith has said that the company will show off some 8K devices at NAB Show 2016.

NAB Hub asked Smith about the products as well as services that will be showcased at NAB Show 2016. The company’s representative said that the existing line-up will be present at the event.

However, the current devices will be joined by “a few surprises”. These surprises have not been confirmed for the time being, but we will definitely get to see them in mid-April.

In addition, the Japanese manufacturer will show off “working 8K cameras and 8K displays”. No names have been given, albeit Smith stated that they will provide a glimpse into the future of video production.

This sounds like the announcement of the development of a Canon 8K camera, which means that the product will not become available soon. It might still show up by the end of this year, although people should not hold their breath over its launch.

Another thing worth noting is the fact that Tim Smith used a plural, so there could be two 8K camcorders. Once again, this seems like it is a bit of a stretch, therefore you should not jump to conclusions, yet.

Canon’s first 8K camcorder could be the EOS C500 Mark II

In February 2016, the rumor mill claimed that Canon will reveal the EOS C500 Mark II camcorder this year. Sources claimed that the camcorder is coming at NAB Show 2016 and that it would record 8K videos.

Well, the rumors sounds exactly like the words coming from the mouth of the company’s representative. This might be the first time C500’s successor makes an official appearance, so we will keep an eye on the event.

Another reason which makes us believe that the Mark II version is the product in question consists of Canon’s Cinema EOS upgrade timeline. The C100 Mark II was unveiled in 2014, the C300 Mark II was introduced in 2015, meaning that 2016 should bring us the C500 Mark II.

As stated above, we will monitor this story and we will keep you updated. Stay tuned!

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