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Canon big megapixel camera will be based on 1D X design


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The Canon big megapixel camera is once again the rumor mill’s main topic of discussion, as the device is said to be announced in late 2013 and released in early 2014.

Canon has been rumored to release a camera with a big number of megapixels for quite some time. The company needs a device to rival the D800 / D800E of Nikon, two shooters which provide a full frame image sensor of 36.3-megapixel.

canon-1d-x-body Canon big megapixel camera will be based on 1D X design Rumors

Canon’s upcoming big megapixel camera is rumored to feature the form factor of the EOS 1D X. Although the company is testing three sensors and the 5D Mark III design, too, the 1D X style is currently in pole position.

Canon big megapixel camera design will be based on the 1D X or 5D Mark III

The upcoming Canon camera does not have a name, yet, but inside sources have previously reported that it may be called 1Ds X or 1D Xs. The reason for that is becoming more clear now, as it is believed that the shooter will be based on the EOS 1D X body.

The Japan-based company may make an announcement by the end of 2013, but the release date is definitely scheduled for early 2014. Although it should have been released prior to that date, Canon is testing multiple form factors as well as several image sensors and these trials take time.

The second form factor being examined is the one of the Canon 5D Mark III. This camera has been very successful among consumers and its handling may be one of the motives why it has attracted so much interest.

Three bigger-than-35-megapixel image sensors are being tested

Beside that, the 1D X is considered a bigger camera, while the 5D Mark III is smaller and some prefer it like that. Either way, all experimental image sensors are bigger than 35-megapixel and there are at least three of them under development.

This information is in line with previous leaked information, which said that three sensors are currently being tested and that one of them provides about 47 megapixels in quality.

Canon is poised to become the manufacturer of the best image sensors on the market, since there are some voices which suggest that both Sony and Nikon are making better sensors now.

Multiple Canon cameras, including 70D, 7D Mark II, and 1D X replacement, are under development

It may not be the leader in image sensor quality, but the EOS maker is working on that, as the 70D is rumored to be announced this summer, while the 7D Mark II will make an appearance this fall or in January 2014.

The Canon 1D X replacement is in the works, too, though it should be introduced on the market late next year or at the beginning of 2015, while the big megapixel camera definitely is coming before that date.

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